Do some buyers not look at gig price?


It’s happened a few times recently, and I am always surprised by it: A buyer contacts me, we discuss their project, and then they act surprised by the price when I give them a quote. Fiverr tells me which gig they viewed before contacting me, so I know they saw my gig. Do some people not look at the price before contacting a seller? I would like to understand why this happens.



I can only answer this from my personal perspective as a buyer. When I go through gigs, I tend to open many of them as different browser tabs, and I may contact several people for one specific project and compare their response and pricing. By the time I get a response, I have been looking at many other gigs, maybe have done completely different stuff in the meantime and I may come back to find a couple of sellers asking me for my input. In such situations it can be a lot happening at once and I may forget about a specific gig - usually it ends here with the confusion and I go back to lookup your gig again. This may answer part of your question, I am new as a seller and did not experience something like that yet.


Thank you, your perspective is helpful.


I hate to tell you this, but some people

You can use capitol letters. You can use bold fonts.
Even if Fiverr came up with a wonderful way to add blinking neon lights to the price,
people will STILL not read.
The other day I had a guy asking for a $90 translation for $5, and clearly he did not
read my description at all, and he sounded so shocked.

They don’t read no matter what, OR in some cases, they try to play dumb and say that
they “missed” the information, hoping that you’ll just go ahead and give them the discount. Sad but true…:disappointed_relieved:


Way sad is when you’re making 80% discount on fiverr. I asked 120$ for a 600$ job and they say they’re new at Fiverr, and need me to make a discount and to round up to 90$…

What come to my mind? Some buyers doesnt deserve my prices at all…

But it didnt stop there… I accepted the 90$ with the condition that there would not exist any revision.
But he asked some new features, that I offer 2 of them, then told him more extra would cost more money, he act shocked lol Then he asked me to do this and that, but I explained it to him very carefuly.
Some people try to manipulate sellers and to explore work. We need to be careful, always honest and never begin a work without full consent of the seller.
If problems rises, we’ve their consent and FIverr staff would be at our side.

Good luck guys!


This is why I end the conversation by referring them to other sellers, as soon as they try to negotiate.


Do not agree to a discount. Stick to your price.


I made this one of my Quick Responses. I got the idea from @catwriter

“I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a discount. It would be unprofessional and unfair to all of my repeat buyers who have paid the full price.” I

It has come in handy quite a few times. :grin:


Some buyer asked me to do 12 t-shirt graphics in 50$
I said yes that time I didn’t have any orders but now I don’t accept such cheap rates