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Do some Magic fiverr

Not getting the order
Do some magic fiverr.
Visit my profile


Please waiting for to get order and you have Active online 24 hour of fiverr then you will be success.

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The above post is false.

As for your gigs, duplicates are against the TOS. You also have numerous English errors.
Consider adding your native language to your profile.


thanks for correting me mam

@imagination7413 if u notify me about the English errors…I rechecked it once again but didnot find any complex one ? can u plz point out any error?? now i cleared whatever error i got.Check it kindly now

@rafique_sumon sure bro waiting is necassary.But i hope will get the order soon.


I’m new on Fiverr but I did a lot of work…

The phrasing and sentence structure also need improving.

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Share your gig everywhere on social media. Contact your local people and try to sell your Fiverr services locally.

Remember: More Competition = More Hard Work :slight_smile:


@coderamogh sure bro

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@imagination7413 thanks alot…Love u

That’s just creepy. :expressionless:

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oh…sorry my intention was not like that…sorry again :pensive:

I figured that was not the intention, but letting it be might give an equally bad impression. I felt it better to let you know, so that you can avoid that mistake in the future.

@imagination7413 ok sure…thansk for correcting me once again :upside_down_face: :grinning: