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Do the buyers even read my offer message?

Hi Fiverr buyer and sellers, My question is how much time a buyer takes to contact a seller after posting buyer requests? Is it possible to contact even after a week?
I send offers to buyer request but no one replies back. Do they at least read my offer messages? Because maximum times they got 100+ offers.
As a buyer what do you do after posting buyer request?


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I haven’t heard of anyone who can legitimately claim to have anything approaching a healthy success rate with BR.

My stats are currently 394:8 which boils down to about 50:1 which is not a sane ratio in any sales process. If I were to look at the ratio of responses (they responded but not necessarily purchased) the number would not be much better.

This proves that most people in BR are not what anyone would consider Good Customers seeing they expect lots, but return 9/10ths of nothing. The few I landed were ok people to deal with (nice even) but the pay rate was commonly under $1ph which is also not healthy.

Keep at it if you have nothing better to do with your time but don’t expect BR to be your salvation.



Hi there,
It’s up to the buyer. If he has liked some offer regarding budget and time point of view, he may send order on the same and would not bother to see the other offers. On the other hand, as per my experience, sometimes the buyers respond in a day or 2, at other times even after a week. It all depends on their ease and urgency of their task.
Moreover, the top most offers are usually noticed and read seriously.
So keep doing your best efforts for continued struggle.


Buyer usually gets 100s of responses and its mostly copy and paste responses so you really need to stand out with your response. They are probably first looking for the best price and then read the response.

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This is part of the problem: so much of the focus goes on price instead of value for money.



As a new seller I have send 23 requests 3 of them knocked me and also got and order. Depends how you are offering to the related requirements.

Thanks for your informational help.

I sent 40 offers with relevent offer messages but didn’t get not even a single reply. I’m new on fiverr. Two months running still get no job. Should I offer less price than the budget mentioned by buyers? Maximum time they offers by themselves the cheapest rate.

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Thanks. But as a new seller I’m bound to look into buyer request section. No one probably come to my gig and offer job at gig price. None of my gigs are ranked. I noticed only level 1 or 2 level sellers ar ranked at the top.
My another question is, do the buyers even look for the newbies to offer job?

Thanks. You’ve always been helpful.

Hi! Again
I’m sharing my experience with you.

  1. My gig presentation. It matters because a good buyer always look for quality work.

  2. I have never shared my gig in social media. Everything you will see in my profile is Organic. Patients and best presentation is my only key for success. I have published my gig on august2020 and got first order in September 2020 from buyer request. I also got a USA Client because of gig presentation.

  3. My basic package starts with 30 - 1 minute video where other seller gives that service only 5.
    I never introduce myself at a cheap rate. Quality work high price.

  4. I offer my buyers to create a 20 to 30 second trial video according to their requirement. If he likes it than we start the project.
    Hope it will help you. Have patients. Never give up. You know you are the best. Good luck☺

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