Do the gig video help a gig get more impression?


Happy new year everyone! Wish you luck and happiness!

I have a question for who added video to your gig. (Your gigs aren’t in Video categories). Did it help you gain more traffic or sales?
I’m thinking about making a showreel video, but don’t know if it’ll worth.

Thanks a bunch ^^


No one reply,… seem likes 1st day of the year is not the right time to create a forum post :blush:


@anh_ksnlk hi and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

As far as I have seen and asked sellers, adding a video in the gigs do seem to increase its traffic, though I myself don’t know why!

Still its better to do as much as you can! :slight_smile:

Wish you all the best in the 2018… :wink: