Do the stats in "My Gigs" really update?


I was looking at the stats for my gigs and all my new ones say zero views, which could very well be, but I’ve received new orders on an older gig whose stats haven’t changed in weeks. Anyone else have this issue or anything similar?


I think that stat is absolutely wrong and it’s not updated correctly.

I’m facing same problem from a long time and if you search this forum you’ll find many others complaining for this, so… welcome to the club :smiley:


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Ok good to know. Possibly giving me false hope about my new gigs actually getting views, but who knows. Thanks.


Reply to @bachas85: wow, cool, it’s a good new!! :slight_smile: I saw they’ve just fixed notifications problem (you had to click several times before they were dismissed and many times they were persistent, nothing to do with them).

They’re working hard to make Fiverr better, congrats :smiley:


Yea, the stats are not correctly updated ! I just started and even if I already got 2 orders my stats are still at 0 views !

So actually there might be a lot of people viewing your gig… or maybe not… well hope they will fix it so we will be able to understand if our new gig will be a success or not :stuck_out_tongue:


i had the same problem so i sent a message to fiverr and i got a reply saying that the counter is not working! and not to go by what it says… i wasn’t told tho when it is going to be fixed


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