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Do they still have reviews of sellers that only fiverr staff sees?

I was just curious.

Yes they still have the hidden feedback system.

Ah huh. Yeah. only for their eyes :slight_smile:

I present to you a nice Bond (007) film. You’ll have to re imagine the lyrics though. My lazy suggestion is you only live twice, or so it seems… one for your life, and one for your dreeeaaams (edit this lyric yourself to make Fiverr sound like a Bond villain)

I think Fiverr’s new hidden extra review system is bullshit anyway. This is all some HQ nerd’s idea. That same HQ nerd would have a breakdown if they had one day in most seller’s shoes.

Well, I mean a successful, busy seller. It’s funny how all these measures are aimed against useless tosspots but affect good sellers too.

Yes . Hidden reviews system is now applicable during feedback !

Its also now in feedback policy of Fiverr officially .

Second i noticed one another thing is . If you send mutual cancellation request , timer will not stop. Like previous times timer stoped during dispute or mutual cancellation request …


I was thinking the same thing yesterday about good sellers having to pay the price for the bad seller’s blunders.

Hmm interesting

They really do need a major overhaul of the system in general. Never mind the poor quality clients–it’s a danger of freelancing business in general–it’s the new sellers who are ruining it for everyone.

If you are a new seller offended by what I’ve just written, let me ask you one question: are you good at what you do? Are you professional? In which case, why are you so offended by a blanket statement that covers a huge variety of people and targeted at a sub-group which is ruining it for YOU as a talented, hard-working new seller?

What, you’re going to get mad at an ex-new seller who made it because they had something that other people wanted instead?

If you really are mad about it, I’m gonna lay it out: you’re not the hot shit you think you are. Be quiet and get on with it. It will pay off–shrieking about my rudeness won’t.

Back to the topic: maybe tests? Although the results can be gamed. Just something to stop blatantly obvious male scammers who are female, blonde supermodels from Pakistan “proofreading”.

That makes us all look bad.