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Do they want me to plagiarize?


Should i accept this offer from xxx?

Attached is a sample of the work that I would like to have reworded to be seen as 50% unique. I don’t want the heading to be touched, or the subheading. the three paragraphs should still convey the same intent however the details of the paragraphs should be changed to be seen as unique.

Thank you.

i asked for more details and this is what was sent

thanks all!


It sounds like he just wants a rewritten article. If you search on Fiverr for “rewrite article” you’ll find many sellers offering this service. It could be an article that he wrote and published already. He may want to use it on another site, and avoid a duplicate content penalty. Or, it could be a PLR article…


He just wants you to rewrite :slight_smile: that’s perfectly fine! :slight_smile:



cool thanks all!