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Do things get better after the first order?

Hi guys!

I’m new at fiverr. I just got my first order and a nice review I was wondering do things get better after the first order? Because I been struggling with my impressions and clicks ):

My gig:


It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

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Thank you; I already read some of the forum. I’ll try harder.

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I like your moxie (even if there are some grammar errors)

Does it get better?
This is not a guaranteed path. Especially seeing since COVID every wannabe is here thinking it is easy and therefore doing almost every silly thing any remotely professional crafts-person (can’t be genderist now) would not do to try to grapple to the top of the heap.

Maybe with a nice review, it may help a few other people to choose you.

Don’t try harder. Be smarter. I liked your presentation, that will make me remember you over all the no-skills saying ow techie skilled they are. That sort of thinking is the only winning path to finding clients worth working for (and maybe accept if they are not here).


Thank you! (:

Oh… I wish there are no grammar errors, however, I never hide the fact that I’m Brazilian and English is not my first language. I tried to put a little of my personality in the writing, so I glad you liked it.
I surely hope that this 5 five stars review will help me.
BTW the job I made for this client is not showing in my gig. Anyone knows why?
Fiveer it’s hard bc of the competition I can’t afford to charge 5 dollars for my services, so I tried to think at a fair price for me and for the client. If it didn’t work, maybe I have to accept there’s no client for me here.

Your character being obvious overcomes the little grammar errors.

DON’T Charge $5 for things. All that does is bring in the worst type of buyers. your job is to be working to charge $50, $500, $5,000 for things. This is when buyers start getting serious about themselves and therefore you.

Look at real-world options too. I generally get better people from real-world referrals than online.


Hi guys, I need more input, do things got better after your first order? Tell me your experience.

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Being new is always hard as there are many sellers for buyers to choose from here on Fiverr.
Having a positive 5 star rating is a great starting point. It will give other buyers the encouragement and trust to choose your services :slight_smile:
The job not showing is because your client didn’t allow it I believe… I’m sure it’s nothing personal against you, just their choice. I have had some show up and others not in my portfolio too.
Don’t give up and keep your gig updated with current work and prove to the buyers that you are the best choice for them. Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Covid is slowing business, online one as well. While there is more request of freelancers from companies trying to improve their presence online, overally, virus is reducing the desire to risk with new projects. Practically, less projects for freelancers. We need to wait and see how the situation will improve or not in the next months.

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you will get better impressions and clicks after this.