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Do things slow down after level one?


Is it just me or does this tend to happen? After a unexpectedly busy first month things have slowed right down. I know sales have their own sort of flow, famine to feast and back again, but does being on level one and putting up prices a touch put buyers off? It’s only been a week so I’m not getting unduly anxious but I am curious. It doesn’t seem to affect the level 2 and above sellers in my field at the moment as far as I can tell. What was your experience?


I think this time of the year, depending on your gig is slower with the holidays…



I don’t think Levels are related to slow downs.

Not sure if “putting up prices a touch put buyers off?” That depends on how you “put up” your prices. Did you remove value or make the gig less attractive?

I’m Level 2 and go thru periods where I get slammed with inquiries and orders, then go for periods with nothing. I think that happens to everyone.

Here in the states, unless you sell groceries, gas or holiday seasonal items, I think a slow down in many sectors is totally normal.


From November 1 to mid-January is the slowest time for freelancers. Businesses are closing out their books. Individuals are saving for Christmas and recovering after Christmas. It’s always slow, so you have to save up to get through those times. That’s one of the downsides to being a freelancer – feast or famine. You soon learn when the downturns usually are and adjust for them.

But yes, upping your prices even a little can turn some buyers off. I went to level 1, changed my writing gigs from 500 words to 300-400 words and some buyers disappeared. I know that when I raise them to reasonable rates, I will lose even more buyers, but then I’ll get buyers who want quality and are willing to pay for it. There are people here who stay busy charging much more than I do, so I have my fingers crossed.


Thanks guys, I was wondering about it being a seasonal thing. No worries, I have qualified for level two pretty much (should get it just around xmas day!) so will sit it out and keep tweaking the keywords etc. I haven’t removed the value of my gigs as such, just underlined what will cost what.

But I have turned a couple of possible jobs down as they wanted copyright thrown in for no extra cost. Something I’m not prepared to do on principle. So I guess if I had taken those on I would still be chugging along at a similar rate.