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Do this if you can't Find Your Gig in Search results

Hi every one, i want share this information with you.
This Topic contain STORY and SOLUTION
my Gig was having great Feedback, i checked results to see my position on search result, but i could not find the Gig, using specific applied filters but nothing also.
then i came here to forum made a topic to express that i feel like a ghost. a friend here advice me to contact Fiverr. but i made a try first with another topic to asking another Fiverr members for checking it if this hidden only for me or for all, actually no one have replied to me, then i contacted Fiverr. the Gig is live now and in first page result :slight_smile:

those Tips to do if you faced this problem:
1- do not use a Fiverr seller badge, your seller level, or stars representing your rating in your Gig images, video, profile picture, or any other Gig components. Seller levels and rating are not permanent and may change on a monthly basis. Therefore, this may mislead our buyer community. We ask that you modify your Gig accordingly.
2- all gigs must be created in English. However, we do allow you to add another language within the Gig/Package descriptions below the English description
3- Gig title was either incoherent, not relevant to your service, or written with poor grammar and punctuation.
AFTER maintain this contact Fiverr they will review your Gig and Make it live
thank you