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Do This, NOT That! (10 Tips for Sellers)


Helpful tips. I have been here for like two months now, and I have got only four orders. What do you think about my gigs? Are they really catchy? I would love to hear your opinion.


Thanks for the reply. I just read that post too, it was super helpful. I’ve taken a lot of your tips on board and applied them to my gig, (minus the video), hopefully it will pay off soon. It’s looking a lot better now regardless. Thanks for everything :slight_smile:


Thanks! Be sure to follow the tips I’ve provided. Also, take a look at Fiverr Academy if you haven’t done so already.

One tip I can give you about your gigs right off the bat: Update your gig photos. They’re not that visually striking and they’re fairly low quality. Better yet, videofy some of your gigs!


Wow such great and valuable tips.
I do need some clarifications though.
I am a new seller and my goal is to offer great services and earn from my efforts as well. Why is it necessary to have a video on your gig.
I do not seem to agree completely with the idea of having a video on your gigs and having to be in it as well. I think that not all categories of services require a video in other to be successful. I have actually seem some sellers with huge sales figures without a single video on their gigs. I believe it just works for some and does not work for others. What I’m driving at is simply that, I don’t think it’s compulsory to have one. Just my opinion anyway.
Also, what other things can I do to get impressions and traffic to my gigs as a new seller.

By the way, I would greatly appreciate your candid opinion on my gigs. Thanks.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Obviously one size does not fit all when it comes to these tips. I’m a creative writer and editor here on fiverr and that seems to work fairly well for me. I’ve also seen successful sellers without videos.

However, (this isn’t confirmed or anything) it seems like videofied gigs receive more impressions and may appear higher in search results. Correct me if I’m wrong.

With your gigs, you want to give them EVERY chance to succeed. Fiverr recommends creating videos for a reason. Also, it adds a more personal dimension to the gig. Chances are buyers will trust you more.



Please don’t send me private messages to help you with issues that only customer support can help you with.

I’ve received dozens of messages from new sellers who are either telling me to help them change their negative reviews or get something to work on their gig page.

Also, I’ve been asked to purchase their gigs or are seeking detailed advice on how to create and manage their gig. This forum and Fiverr Academy are both great tools. Please take the time to read all this FREE advice instead of soliciting free advice from me or anyone else directly.

I already have tons of orders and buyers to respond to and these messages become distracting, as I have to respond to each and every one so my response rate doesn’t drastically go down.

I’m sure most of you have meant well and just don’t realize that one on one advice sessions are virtually impossible, unless I’m online 24/7.

However, your comments on this post are greatly appreciated and I’m not discouraging you from responding on here.



Thank you for sharing. Really helpful.


By the way, I just posted a part 2 with even more valuable seller tips:


Thanks! I just joined last February. At first my sales were really high but dropped this August.


You’re welcome! Honestly, I noticed that my sales dropped slightly around that time as well. I think gig packages have really helped me out, though. Because now I make more per order. I’d rather have 10 orders in my queue at $20 each instead of 20 basic gig orders. So don’t look so much at how many clients you get. Instead, look at how much is made from each transaction.

Have you tried updating your gig description, title, or tags at all? That could help!


Thank you! Very nice and very helpful @authoreva
And your style in writing and responding is wonderful as well


authoreva, the way you wrote your post is so fresh that I have just visited your profile out of curiosity. Your gigs are awesome! Extremely professional. Congratulations Fiverr rising star! :slight_smile:


Nice tip. Thanks for sharing. Up-selling is going great with me and yeah i care every client even if the order is for $5 OR for $500 and that’s the reason i got many repeat customers.


Thank you so much! You’re too kind! :smiley:


That´s a great post.

I´d like to add a tip for this point, as it´s very true:
“5. Do deliver your gig on time and even a bit ahead of time if you can. (As long as that doesn’t mean compromising the quality of your work.) DON’T wait to deliver within the last 10 minutes. The fiverr system isn’t infallible. What if there’s a glitch? Your internet isn’t infallible either. What if your WiFi decides to not cooperate with you? I’d say when the expected delivery is in 24 hours, take away at least 1 hour from that and regard it as 23.”

Find one or two direct neighbours for a ‘if your internet is down, you may use mine and vice versa’-deal, then it´s easier to call upon that, if needed. I didn´t need it yet, but a neighbour had to resort to my internet to send some mails a while ago (so she´ll be my obvious choice, if it happens to me ;)). Of course, if workers cut a cable in your street, your neighbours might have no internet either, so you might want to inform yourself of the closest internetcafé or place with (free) wifi ahead of time too, to reduce the chance of late deliveries further :wink:


I love your contribution! Thanks. :slight_smile: Luckily, there’s a Starbucks 5 minutes away from me with WiFi. I never thought of going there if my WiFi gets screwy. Unfortunately, my neighbor has no internet. :confused:


Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Actually its 1200 words on Description.


No problem! :slight_smile: Thanks for correcting that. I don’t know where I got 2,000 characters from. Also, it’s characters, not words. Pretty sure that’s what you meant.


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thanks,that was really helpful