Do unanswered cancelled orders hurt your gig?


Simple question… but not a simple answer it seems.
I’m in the process of getting it answered by fiverr support and I don’t think they are understanding my real question here.

This is what happened…

  1. Buyer ordered a gig of mine for $5. The cost of what they wanted was not offered in that gig. Also it was worth more than $5.
  2. I sent the cancellation request (because of the active timer running) and urged the client to reach out to my inbox for a price quote and give me more details about his order.
  3. Buyer lets the order get cancelled by not answering it for 2 days.
  4. I see my gig has a cancellation ratio of 33%

What I know so far is this , straight from fiverr support:

“Your cancellation rate is a result of the total amount of orders cancelled against the total amount of orders created from your Gigs
If you ask for Mutual Cancellation and it is not accepted from your buyer this will after 2 days be considered as cancellation from your side. The same thing goes if the buyer asks for Mutual Cancellation and it is not accepted from the seller after 2 days it is considered as cancellation from the buyer.
Please note that mutual cancellation does not influence your cancellation rate, but note that once you have asked for mutual cancellation it must be accepted from your buyer. If that is not so that cancellation will after 2 days be marked as if you have cancelled it and that will have influence on your statistics.
Also note that the cancellation rate feature is only visible by you and this should not affect your statistics.”

So what I’m confused about is …if the mutual cancellation rate is effected by an order like I just had with this client… because they let it cancel by not answering it in 2 days… and it does have an influence on my statistics… how can they follow up with the next sentence saying that
the cancellation ratio is only shown to me and not the buyer and does NOT effect my statistics…

So in one sentence they are saying … Yes cancellations like that effects your statistics…
But even though the cancellation ratio shown to only me has gone up … it doesnt effect my statistics… That is the only way to make a cancellation ratio go up … mutual cancellations dont change that stat… Customer support cancellations do … and I’m told that hurts my gig…

So it sounds like a new buyer can come attempt to buy a $50 gig from you for $5… forget about it for a week … you cancel on them … and you’re left with a hurt gig from it… ??
This can’t be true… how stupid does that sound… This happens weekly … I’ll get random clients that havent used fiverr before order from me and I’ll ask them to clarify what they need and I just dont hear from them so I cancel their order… and they just let it sit there… They dont care… If this kind of stuff hurts a gig … this is awful.

Any mods able to clarify this one?
Support has been less than stellar answering this one in a timely fashion tonight.
Are order cancellations that are left un-responded to , and eventually auto-cancelled, hurting gigs and their rankings or sales at all?

If so , am I the only one who sees the problem here?


So I was informed that these un-answered cancellations actually do effect your gig standing and visibility.

I guess if you want to destroy your competition. Go ahead and place an order with them … and forget about it … let them cancel it … ignore it for 2 or 3 days … Rinse , Repeat…
Seem that the auto-cancellations will continuously hurt that targeted gig.
NOW do we see the problem!?

This is happening weekly with my gigs … just by chance… I bet other video pros here deal with it … probably all the pros of their niches… What do you do with these people who dont answer your order cancellations and attempt to buy something for $5 thats worth $50?

This could explain why your sales drop drastically for no real reason.
And it takes 60 days to recover from something like this I was told…
Did you know that your gig was being penalized each time the system auto-cancelled one of those orders?
smacks head

This isnt something you can avoid. This is something that can happen to anyone’s gig. Nobody is spared… Somebody tell me I’ve got it wrong… This sounds too dumb to be true…

This can be avoided by letting sellers cancel any order that has come in within a 24h period. This is to ensure the seller does not outright cancel a gig just because they cannot make the timer… Problem solved… and everyone’s rankings would show much more accurately.


Just send the cancellation, but before that do some tedious busywork like asking for more details etc. If they don’t respond to the cancellation within 24hrs, contact Customer Support. They will likely advice to ask the buyer to reorder, so you could even incorporate that step into your pre-work, then CS will cancel.

It does rather suck, I agree. As a further note, if you “wait” too long and the order times out, the buyer can then cancel themselves and you’ll get a “ORDER CANCELLED! SELLER FAILED TO DELIVER ON TIME!” review, which is a lovely, ironic feature. CS are quite understanding about that in the face of monolithic silence from bad buyers.


Hey , thanks for the feedback Emmaki. You are right this is the conclusion I’ve come to and was going to come here and follow up.

Basically support told me to do the same thing after a lengthy discussion between reps from the order support department and the Bug department… between 4 reps… this is the conclusion…

You put it better than I could … but yea ask for the buyer to cancel , giving a statement on why you need them to cancel and re-order… send the cancellation right there… Wait 24h … contact support to cancel the order if they dont respond… Or in my case , if they respond that they arent going to cancel the order … for whatever reason… At least the ticket will be opened already and CS will have to see them giving me the runaround and refusing to cancel.

I’ve had clients refuse a cancellation to tell me they promise to get the script for the video within 2 days! Makes you question how they are operating their own business… Its very common. People must not think that the timer means anything at all… Some don’t understand the meaning of following directions or gig requirements and how it all correlates… It’s like they are floating along in la-la land some of them.

Finally one rep at customer support told me they are aware of this process and that he sees tickets like this “All the time” … So they are apparently ok with me sending in tickets often for this kind of issue. I just hope they allow us a way to outright cancel orders… I should be able to cancel and instantly block these clients without batting an eyelash.


I think you should deliver a dummy file to see if they reject the delivery or not. If they do reject then they are ignoring you on purpose.

If they don’t reject, you’ll get free money because of their ignorance and will come back to you later. You can mutually cancel the order later if you get the communication going.


Be careful with this. If a file is sent that CS considers an “empty delivery” it can get the seller into trouble.


To answer you Zeecreations: Fiverr would tell you quickly that your suggest may end up with a slap on the wrist , as font said.
However , at the end of this rabbit hole.
I will tell you , thats still a viable option.

The worst thing that can happen is you will have them forget to reject your fake file and they will be able to leave a negative review.
Or that will happen AND they will contact support and they will slap your hand and end up refunding the client on the order… Whether it actually hurts your gig from that happening or not is a magical surprise. Chances are , your gig still takes the same damage of a negative review… You just wont make $5.

Basically I let support take 8 solid days to answer me after going back and forth explaining and ironing out the best way to handle the situation with the bug department… 8 days… heard no more responses back from them…

So I sent a reply to the same ticket and got a short canned answer in less than 5 minutes from a completely different rep.

Fiverr’s customer support really is quite worthless sometimes I swear to God.
People wonder why I get so upset about them taking 20% on orders?
Its because they don’t deserve it.
All I’m doing is trying to inform them of a bug in their system and they cannot give me a good enough answer to avoid the problem.

You can technically make fake accounts and create orders and log off … For each order youll get a refund eventually when the seller cancels them… AND the seller will get a negative mark on their gig and it hurts them in the search rankings.
Lets say you arent necessarily creating new accounts… but you are just an irresponsible buyer who doesnt check on anything they order for a few days… They cause the exact same problem… and it happens every day all day.

Currently this whole thread stands as a testament to there being NOTHING YOU CAN DO about the BUG. I repeat , customer support has failed to give me a proper solution to this problem. You constantly run the risk of getting a negative hit to your gig from people who don’t accept your cancellation requests. You have no support for these orders unless you send in a support ticket at the exact same time you send the cancellation… even though support will tell you that you need to give your client time to accept the cancellation.

This is bull … send the cancellation , make the ticket at the same time… Or your gigs will keep getting poo’d on. End of story.

Basically following emma’s instructions will work… as long as support gets to your ticket within 24hrs… I’m just not willing to take that risk with idiots who don’t know how to find their butt with both hands.
drops mic


I completely understand the frustration @videostore as I am facing a similar issue. Why would a buyer place an order again and again when you have clearly stated that you are not comfortable working with them ? There is this lady who placed an order sometime back and reading her instructions was a task in itself, her english was so broken that it was almost impossible to make out what exactly she wants even when she had filled up the whole page. I instantly sent the cancellation request but then she sounded so desperate for help that I patiently tried to help her as much as I could giving her a lot of time to her unending questions but she still did not accept the cancellation request. I had to contact customer support and they forced cancel the order affecting my cancellation rate. After this, she would place an order again and again leading to forced cancellations as she would never agree to cancel it mutually. She has been spamming a lot in my inbox which also has affected my response rate. Not just that, the most shocking part is she approached me with another id and placed an order with the exact same requirements, in exact same broken language, same country you can easily make out that she is the same person and her behaviour was exactly the same, she did not accept the cancellation which again led me to get it cancelled by CS and last night she has re appeared with the third id, the same questions, the same broken language, the same country. She even has the guts to threat me that she will report me because I am not working for her. This is so draining and exhausting when you have to deal with such buyers.

I had contacted CS of the issue but it looks like they have not taken any action towards this buyer. Is a buyer allowed to operate multiple accounts at the same time ? Should not her accounts be banned or suspended as this is against Fiverr’s ToS ?


Definitely don’t do this. I think what @emmaki said would be your best option. Customer Support is actually very helpful if you contact them BEFORE a negative resolution occurs.


You would need to provide sufficient proof that the user that is bothering is creating multiple ids to spam you now as well. Just ask them to do a simple source IP check to verify that all the ids are coming from the same source.

Good Luck!


Thank you @djgodknows I had reported her few days back but she still looks active on all the 3 ids. CS cancelled my recent order with her today and have assured that they will forward my complaint to trust and safety department for further investigation but this is what they had told me last time too when I had reported her. Hope they take an action this time though.


@perfectionist23 The exact same issue I had with a client who couldn’t compose messages properly its been so frustrating. Pardon the intrusion, this my dilemma WOULD APPRECIATE IT if you could read through

I’m in a difficult situation with a client and it seems like the problem is past being resolved, He was my first client on fiverr and for my first job he gave a 5 star review. After which he gave me 2 more jobs simultaneously I accepted. I was quite delighted (finally things were looking up) I did both and submitted them on christmas morning both posters one facebook banner and a flyer.

He didn’t let me know the “flyer” was for facebook, problems like me working in cymk and designIng with an A4 size made the output distorted on the platform he wanted to put it on(facebook) and from there so many issues came up as result of miscommunication, laced with verbal insults from him to cut the story short he accepted the facebook banner and gave me a 3 star review( still thanked him and gave a 5 star review for him as a buyer) but little did I know that when you have a rating lower than 90% you can’t send offers to prospective clients through the buyer request panel.

If I can’t get new jobs I cant improve my current rating from 80% to 90%
hence i cant get jobs from prospective clients

And I believe things are just going to get worse in my zeal and overt enthusiasm to get my first job I set all my gigs to unlimited revisions, which he has used to frustate me requesting right now over 4 to 5 reviews going back and forth on changes. He said he’s not interested anymore i’ve wasted his time and money, I should send him what i’ve done so my job would be marked as complete.

I’m really frightened he’s going to give a worse review for this job and my account may be suspended or something.
Please any advice on how to proceed

Ive tried to persuade him with what I have, I even offered to do free designs for him to which he said he’s time is too valuable to take anything free from me
I just want decent reviews so I can move forward and get recognized little by little


oiiiii. sorry to hear this. First off, if he’s insulting you, depending on how severe, it could be seen as verbal abuse and be against TOS. I’d say screenshot and talk to customer support. If he’s being abusive than he’s risking himself staying on the platform, and this might give you some leverage to have customer service cancel the order (removing feedback is another step, but miiiiight be possible if his account gets removed due to poor behaviour. I’m not sure.)

Also, it’s a shame there was a miscommunication to begin with-- i mean this happens. Just take it as a warning to make your gig offering super clear, and you’ll find miscommunication is harder to come by.

Just as a heads up, I had a look at your gigs, just make sure you take off the ‘for 5 star feedback, i’ll do xyz’… if you are soliciting feedback it can get your account suspended. do this before you deal with customer support.
best of luck! I hope things turn around for you, you never know! At least you got a sale close to when you signed up… it took me 2 months to get my first sale lol.


@ethanbakare007 Oh dear, sorry to hear of this issue. I really wish you did not have to go through this. I read somewhere on forum from a buyer herself that she was not happy with one of her order’s delivery and instead of leaving a bad review, she politely asked the seller to refund and the seller complied but to her surprise even after getting the refund, she ( the buyer ) was asked to rate and review. I was completely unaware of this thing until I read it here on forum. So this option would also not work for you incase you refund back to the buyer as he has been demanding.

I completely understand your frustration especially when you are new on fiverr. Its aweful when you have to deal with such a situation even after having given your best. I would suggest you to present your case to CS properly and nicely. Give them all the valid points you have with screenshots if possible. I wish this issue gets resolved for you as soon as possible.