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Do videos help?

Can anyone provide advice about adding a video to a gig? I decided to take the plunge and added one a couple of weeks back. However my impressions fell afterwards and I decided to remove it. Now wondering if I acted too hastily and if I should have persevered. Can anyone advise?

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I removed a video from a Gig and the impressions leaped - then fell back as they were.

I think changes to a gig get it shown as it is considered “needing to be shown” but ultimately whether you have a video or not has no impact on if a Gig is shown or not.

The thing to be looking at is conversions or Sales. Do you get more or less Sales with/without a video, that video? I assume from your post that it has made no difference. I will say, same here. no difference. It would not surprise me if Fiverr’s secret stats show that no one bothers watching the vid as they spend about 3 seconds on any Gig - the video would only slow them down so they don’t even watch it.

If I am right it matters little as impatient people are not impressed either way. More analytical people may be impressed if you have the right video (i.e. not 75 seconds of generic boring stock footage). Are analytical, thoughtful people really here on Fiverr anyway?


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