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Do warnings stay always on account or are slashed away after every evaluation?

I want to ask that do warnings stay on your account for your whole life or is everything renewed after 30 days of complying with TOS?


Warnings stay forever on your account and they are visible to Fiverr’s staff.

For further informations see:

Don’t do it! …. You Have Been Warned!

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Thankyou very much for your kind response

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Actually, that’s not right. I had a conversation with one of the Fiverr support representatives and he told me that warnings don’t stay forever and they are removed after some time but one should be very careful that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes again.


Yes I was thinking the same because suppose you have one warning today and another after 5 years of your hard work so they should not suspend you right away. There must be something to make sellers feel secure a little.