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Do We actually see the search result of own gig?

Do I actually see the search result of my gig? Suppose, I see it in number 3 page, but on the other hand, someone finds it number 2 or 1 page with his different searching keyword which was included my gig (5 TAG).

I ask it because I have seen many sellers told, his gig is now on 1st page, or it was on the first page but now it’s on the 4th page, how to rank it, etc. My question is, is it really we can see the actual result of our own gig? its may different in different searching? :thinking:


No we can’t see that actual keywords used when someone has searched for our gig on Fiverr (through Fiverr’s search engine).

Maybe the seller who says “my gig was on page x” is talking about what they think will be the most common search / words based on their gig’s title.


Well said, I think too…


relay good question.

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Thanks for explaining! It made me wonder, before.


Yes it does change according to who is seeing it. That’s why I stopped looking to see where my gigs are. And they move around constantly.

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Same case, I didn’t try to find my gig in Fiverr search, but if we not getting the actual position of Gig, how understand about gig status?

I can tell by how many sales I get where my gig is located approximately, but that might not work for newer sellers.

Fiverr does not want sellers to be changing their gigs to try to get them into better positions and better ranks.

Fiverr wants sellers who have excellent gigs that people want to buy. And you can do that no matter where they are located. And they want sellers to keep their analytics excellent.
That means always deliver on time. Always answer messages quickly. Always complete orders.


Thank you @misscrystal ! for your explanation. :blush: