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Do we edit or not edit our gigs?

So im 3 weeks in, 28 orders, 28 100% feedback, about 7 people left me tips, so doing well.
Wanted to just changed a typo I hadnt noticed on my gig and now its been 2 days since my gig has been removed from search. With classic generic replies from the “support team” who all hide behind fake avaters.

Just wondering is there a best practice procedure here? should we be actively editing gigs and taking ourselves out of the search for however long it takes for someone to press “confirm” or whats the dealeo?

Cheers all.


Hi. Well, if you look through the forum, you’ll see “sure, go ahead, as often as you fancy” as well as “don’t ever touch your gigs!”, the truth probably is something in between, and then there’s good/bad luck, in the form of potential bugs, too.

What I can tell is that just yesterday, I watched a live online event from Fiverr, with real Fiverr success managers live on zoom, not avatars :wink: (be kind, those avatars probably were done for the whole team by some Fiverr seller, after all, and personally, I don’t think of them as “fake” but as giving a kind of “continuity and harmonious look” to the support staff ;), also … having read some kinds of forum posts, I can understand if they want some privacy, there are crazy people out there, you know), and one of them said it’s absolutely okay to edit, play around with title, tags, whatever.
On the other side, however, support currently seems to need quite a while until they can reply, so if your gig won’t show up in search again on its own, you might need patience …

Personally, I’d recommend a “change when needed/wanted but try to collect changes, go through everything including requirement page, FAQ, small texts in the packages, what-have-you before you edit to make sure you catch anything you might else want to edit tomorrow or next week, and do it all in one go” approach vs. editing several times within a short timeframe.

I’d definitely “risk” correcting typos when spotting any, but am more reluctant with not really needed changes and experimenting currently.

Did you do that “auto-self-check” on the ticket form that tells you if your gigs are active or not for that gig? If not, maybe do that, and if it says “not active”, maybe take a screenshot and add that to your ticket; I think some staff sometimes might think sellers are saying their gig isn’t where it used to be, when in fact they mean their gig is nowhere at all.

However, I guess, at this time, it might as well be a case of it taking longer than usual for someone to check if the gig still is okay after the edit, ToS-wise, if general support time is any indication.


Well. I do think editing and optimising gigs is essential. I in fact just recently changed my thumbnail and to my surprise the algorithm decided to recommend me as I did this. So yeah, doing changes to your gig now and then isn’t such a bad thing. On the other hand don’t stay editing your gig for nothing. So find a balance :slight_smile:


Hey nextstepz,
I am agree with miiila. Fiverr change there algorithm most of the time. So you can flow miiila idea.


In general:
Edit as often as needed, but as little as possible.

If there’s little changes you want to make, accumulate a list and only edit when you have enough to make the edit worth it.

Also (and this one is UNVERIFIED), try to make an edit when you have an order for that gig. Supposedly, completing an order helps with ‘positive recent activity’.


:point_up_2: Yup. I make logos and I just did a massive overhaul today for example, which took me days to prepare, and there’s still room for improvement (but I’ll do that in a month’s time again). Editing too much may also put your gigs on hold sometimes, especially when you upload new videos.

Suppose you are standing in a line. Just in case you have to go to the toilet at that time, but you have to come to the toilet and stand behind that line again. Editing your gig in exactly the same way will go behind the line again. I hope you understand the matter.

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@miiila and @catwriter both give great advice which I agree with.

Only ever edit gigs when you’ve got something really worthwhile to update. If you’ve got one or two minor changes (that won’t affect how people interpret your gig) - then either hold back, or save them up until you might have some other stuff to change.

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I also started around a month ago, was doing good, made a lot of changes to improve my gig post and then…

No reply from CS for 3 days, I wouldn’t recommend anyone making changes to a gig atm.

We do edit our gigs when the need arises and make some modification as per the current requirements. There is no issue in editing. We do editing for optimizing our gigs, not without purpose.
I am happy to know about your success. May you have continued success on this platform.
If your gig is not showing in search results, now is the time to edit.
Best of luck.


there we go… clarity. (From CS last night).
So yeah, edit them and wait 3 days so far, from 50 bucks a day to 0 views. Great stuff :frowning:

So your gig is still not visible?
Mine has not been visible for 4 days at this moment.

No do not edit it for any reason unless it is not getting sales or impressions.

If you have a gig that gets sales leave it alone.


Yes, I agree with her.:heart:

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Is your gig active now?
I got an automated reply from CS a few hours ago but my gig is still not searchable.

Yeah I changed a spelling and 6 days without being in the search - now straight back to being the 2nd result in a broad search, so thank god for that - never touching it again! Already 2 orders in, after it being live for an hour lol.


yeah was out for 7 days, but is back