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Do we have exploitation at the Fiverr Platform as well?

Today through Buyer Request I came across with almost a 15 hours job, and the real disappointment was that I have been offered (pushed to accept) only $5 for it.

Honestly speaking, I felt really embarrassed.

I think the buyer must have thought that being a new Fiverr member, I would be desperate to accept anything.

But this is not the case, although I am new on Fiverr, but not in this world.

So my humble request through this forum is that being human, we should take care and show respect to others.


Those BR are super cheap, to be sure, but no one’s pressuring you to accept anything you don’t want to. It’s all your choice :slight_smile:


If you don’t do it, someone else will do happily. :neutral_face:

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if someone is happy to do such a laborious job, just for $5, then it’s really unfair for other sellers on the forum.
I can just feel sorry for such a seller and nothing else.

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I totally agree with you. We should all be against this kind of explotation, and not have this liberal mindset of “I will find someone else who will do it cheaper, so you better take this shitty offer”. Honestly, I feel sad and angry seeing how this works on Fiverr with some buyers.

It’s not exploitation. It’s new sellers building up their reviews so they can charge more later. Please stop labeling any work done here that way. It’s not productive to do this. Getting $5 for work you would not get anything for any place else and having an opportunity to build up your own internet business is something extremely valuable.

Go try to get $300 for that job some place else if you think you are being exploited here.

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