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Do we have to accept everyone?



I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I feel very ranty so I thought the ranting pot would be a good fit for this post.

I’m sure you have all had nightmare clients who order your minimum gig at $5 and then treat you like crap and expect you to provide $100’s of service for free. Whilst much of my time on here has been really positive there have been a few clients in the past that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and woudln’t want to deal with them again.

Why isn’t there a way to block a fiverr buyer from being able to order your services? And if there is where is it as I certainly can’t seem to find it. This would be such a helpful tool to avoid having to go through repeated issues with serial offenders.

A good example was someone who ordered a gig from me only to change what was required and therefore tripling my workload for the gig which they paid just $5 for. I made the mistake of just doing what was required as I didn’t want any negative reviews or issues on Fiverr but in doing this it allowed the client to order and do this again as they got away with it the first time making it harder for me to not justify it the second time.

If I had the option to choose not to deal with a particular user that would be such a great tool and surely something sellers should have at their disposal?


Do we have to accept everyone?

Short Answer:Yes

Long Answer: No
You can send the undesired buyer a “Mutual Cancellation” request with a valid reason as to why you cannot serve that person.


Then fivers business model for its sellers is seriously flawed. Why is it so many fiverr like businesses or similar always value the customer over the seller? Without the sellers the customers don’t exist

That’s all well and good but that wouldn’t have worked in the situations I experienced as I know they would’nt agree. Why would they when they can bully and eventually get what they want.

I would have thought that like other sites with a social aspect whether business or pleasure that a blocking option would be a standard feature. If Fiverr doesn’t like one of us or we do wrong they ban us so what is the difference?

I guess I need to re-evaluate my use of fiverr in the future.


Sounds like a plan! :thumbsup:


Just cancel the gig and report them to Customer Support every time they bother you.

A block button would be nice, but it ain’t gonna happen. ^ is your best solution for now, along with a rant on the forum!


Buyers like this are to be expected in every business - they are not exclusive to Fiverr, freelancing or online.
I have had people ask for much more than they paid for when face to face with them in a retail store.
There are three possible answers:

  1. No. (Dressed up in a nice way initially becoming progressively less so)
  2. Yes. (They will usually ask for even more again and again until you move on to either 1 or 3)
  3. Yes, but it will cost this much extra. (They will mention how much they have spent like you owe them extra to which you respond with "but you got x,y,z for what you paid; what you are asking for is extra).

Sellers need to get used to dealing with people, many will try to get something for nothing and you need to decide when to allow it and when not to and the consequences for each decision.


I’m not intending to be mean here, so please don’t take it that way, but you did this to yourself. It’s not easy not to let customers walk all over you, but you have to stand up for yourself. There’s no mr-nice-guy in business.

We’ve probably all been there, I know I have. You make a bunch of mistakes on how you handle orders, conversations and customers with your first 100 (1000?) orders or so.

Fiverr won’t create a block button, and that’s fair enough. You can’t block customers in real life, you have to deal with them. What you need to do is learn better techniques to handle them. So the demanding customer who keeps coming back for more, send them a custom extra. Say you were generous for early orders and happy to be so but you can’t afford to keep doing it. You’re glad to have them come back to you again, and you hope they’ll keep coming back (they probably won’t, but most of mine did) but here’s the cost of the service.

If you do end up cancelling the order (customer doesn’t accept the custom extra), and if the customer doesn’t accept the cancellation, keep cancelling. Send CS a ticket, with screenshots. They can cancel for you.

I had one repeat client I needed to stop working with for various reasons. He kept ordering, I kept cancelling with a polite message. He got it eventually. Yours will too.


I’m with the others here. It’s my responsibility to professionally cancel on a buyer if they treated me unfairly in the past. (Or for any reason I choose.)

Absolutely! I’ve been in business for decades. It goes with the territory of being in business for ourselves. Some people will try to take advantage of me being nice. Once they cross the line, I simply don’t work with them again. You pick your line, then be professional and cancel.

Here’s my standard response in the first cancellation:

“Great buyer, good project. I’m not qualified to provide the level of service for this gig at the price point needed.”

Why: It’s hard for them to argue with me when I’M say “I’m not qualified…” I’ve also not insulted them in any way.

If they refuse, the second one is shorter:

“I’m not qualified to assist this buyer.”

Then it’s off to CS if it goes past that. I don’t remember that happening in my 1,400 gigs. YMMV.