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Do we have to pay fiverr if we use custom orders?

Hi, I would like to know is fiverr charging from us if we use custom offer feature in promote your self page ?

Yes you will have to pay 20% on all orders whether it is direct gig purchase order or custom order you send to the clients. For example if you receive $100 order (20%) of it would be $20 and you will get $80 after the order is completed.


Thanks bro. There is a tab in fiverr which is promote your self. If we use that feature and create a custom offer they will charge us for advertising ?

EVERY order, whether custom, or an established gig package will pay Fiverr 20% of the sale price. There is no way to get around the rules of this site, nor should you be trying to do so. Fiverr keeps 20%, you keep 80%. That is how Fiverr works.

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No they not charge for advertising so feel free

That’s not true. There’s an option to bring your own buyer, where you can create an order inside Fiverr for an outside client and you won’t pay the 20% fee (you’ll pay the 20% upfront and it will be refunded to you in 30 days). You always have to pay the fee for clients that get in touch through Fiverr itself.

I have never heard of that before, nor does it seem to be in line with how Fiverr works.

Apparently it is indeed in line with how Fiverr works.

“…a new program for select sellers…” – Clearly this doesn’t apply to the OP, nor most of those who work here on Fiverr.

EDIT: “The BYOB program is not yet available to all sellers.”

"EVERY order, "… I was just replying to this, which is not true. Some orders do not pay the 20%. I’m not sure how widespread it is at the moment, we will have to see how it pans out. It does make sense to not pay the fee when you are bringing outside clients.

I have that option right now. Other sellers just need to go to “More” and see if they have the BYOB option there or not.

You will be charged 20% on all orders.