Do we have tribalism in fiverr?


before someone finds his or her way to a unique website like this means he or she knows the do’s and don’t involved, so to my buyers i know i am from Nigeria and my English is very bad, but you are not giving a job that deals with writing, rather you gives me job that deals with graphics. i came to fiverr because i want to make money but instead i spend money on my monthly subscription, please try me out and check my graphics concepts and see what i can offer, i do not want to back to village. please i am getting tired of coming online and not achieving my daily targets. thanks to you and thanks to fiverr


There is no monthly subscription in Fiverr.


we need sales in my account


You need much better Gig pictures. I think I’ve told you this before. If I haven’t, you need much better Gig pictures.

You’ll design 3 flyers, and as your Gig pic you have an image of the Thunder Bay Flyers hockey team? That’s really poor marketing.

It isn’t your English that’s stopping you getting orders.


I have the same opinion as joethorn, if you have 7 yrs of experience with graphics as you say, show it! The gig pictures are of very low quality, for example “I will do your banner, logo designs for $5” is of terrible quality and I would stay away of this gig.

Invest $5 to show off your works in one gig video. If you are not lucky with your graphic design, try something different, Fiverr gives a chance to many!

At least follow Fiverr requirements on gig pictures, try what looks nice, respect some guidelines to show all the content in your pictures… If you are graphic designer, you should have some sense for what is quality worth of purchase. Ask yourself if you would purchase a gig with such graphics.

There are also people who can proofread your english. I am also not native english speaker but it is worth of investment to put something in your business.

I wish you success, keep trying!


Apparently you haven’t bothered to look around Fiverr much. Sellers come from all over the world. The fact that you’re from Nigeria or don’t speak English very well has nothing to do with why you’re not getting any sales. It’s because your gigs are all for graphics, and the images you’re showing aren’t very good.

You were given good advice about this the last time you posted, but it doesn’t look like you bothered to follow any of it. So it’s no surprise that you’re back asking for help again.

Why should anyone hand over their hard-earned money to you for graphic work when they can’t even see whether or not you have any skill? They’re just going to pass by your gigs and go look at another gig with more work samples showing.

Well, I already said this, so like @joethorn I’ll say it again: you need to be showing more work samples, and you need to create better work samples. Your image quality is poor; it needs to be better in order to attract buyers’ attention. You need to write better gig descriptions telling a buyer exactly what files he’ll receive if he buys a gig from you. You need to say how many, if any, revisions you’ll make with a purchase.