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Do we need different profiles for different services in one Fiverr account?

Hello freelancers,

As we all know, we cannot make multiple accounts on Fiverr. We have to include all of our freelancing skills in one profile. Instead of this, what if Fiverr adds a feature in which we can create different profiles for different services in one account?

Right now, I’m providing content writing service, but I’m also thinking about learning any other skill and sell on this great platform.

What are your thoughts on this, do we need this kind of update? :thinking:


Why would you need it? Just make sure you’re good at everything you offer.


This idea does not make any sense . Why we need different profile . Fiverr’s system is the best…You can sell different service from same profile .If you have multiple skills then you can sell those through multiple gigs .

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Managing one account is hard enough different account will make it more complex. I have seen people offer different services from the same account and they are doing quite well. I don’t think it differs much if you provide good services in whatever you do!

Your one skill will be a gig. If you have multiple, Just create multiple gigs. You don’t need multiple profiles for that. :man_facepalming:t2: