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Do we rank better if we are "right first time" when delivering?

If we deliver, and the buyer accepts right away the delivery (right first time i.e. no revisions), does it improve the chances of our gig to get better ranking?


I don’t think anyone can know that. It’s a nice ego boost, though.


I am not sure but I am following.
What I personally watch out definately is to have enough time left for possible revisions…

Beside the ego boost, I believe it is really worth trying. I am just checking if someone more experienced thought about and experimented with this already.

I’ve noticed that knowing I have revisions, I may subconsciously think that there is a second chance and therefore, again subconsciously, be more relaxed about putting everything in my first delivery. And all that despite the fact that consciously, I like to be as perfect as possible with every delivery, as all of us do.

I wanted to share this because thinking about that and how it works, it would be good to improve this parameter no matter if it influences the algorithm or not.

What do you mean by “experimenting”? You can’t control the other person and whether or not they will accept the delivery right away.

Moreover, you putting maximum effort into something doesn’t mean it has more chances to be approved immediately. I had projects that I personally consider one of the best I’ve done rejected completely. Rejected and redone to the point I was embarrassed to have those in my live portfolio. It’s all subjective.

I did see an increase in my orders getting completed from the first try after I started to ask buyers to contact me before making a purchase. Because then I have an opportunity to kind of interrogate them and weed out those who absolutely have no idea what they want or are sketchy in any way. But I haven’t noticed any increase in orders from that. It’s been pretty much the same. Plus the ego boost :slight_smile:

Of course, by experimenting i meant keeping track if someone noticed an increase in ranking after several “right first time” deliveries. But yes, very difficult to keep track on that.

Which kind of answers the question: it shouldn’t be taken into account because the buyer would play a significant role in this, it doesn’t depend only on the seller.