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Do we sellers have any rights here on Fiverr?!


I hope that with this post we as sellers have the Focus of Fiverr support. In the past months I as a seller am feeling like abandoned from Fiverr and any of my tickets doesn’t ever get reviewed. The response of the Fiverr support is really poor and never reads the full case. The response is always automatic and I am feeling like I haven’t any rights. You may say just don’t work here any more if you are not satisfied but I have put a lot of effort this past 2 years and I have offered my best, and I think at least I deserve a support that evaluates the situations correctly. Will list below some situations that has happened after Fiverr have decided to abandon his sellers.

In the last months has happened a lot of times that the buyer after marking the order as completed and after saying that is fully satisfied request a cancellation. Every time the buyer request the cancellation the support cancels the order without reviewing the order itself. The worst thing is not the cancellation but the warning we as sellers get, even if the situation is not our fault and the buyer is clearly a scammer. I am noticing that lately this situations are increasing in number. They are learning the drill.

The second problem we get penalized, is the platform itself. Let me take an example:
Some of the buyers don’t add all the needed requirements and we have to extend the order time. When I send an extension request the buyer doesn’t accept immediately and the order get’s late.The seller gets penalized if some of the orders get late on this situation and I don’t really understand why the time just continue ticking when a time extension request has been sent.

The third topic is the review system and how we buyers get penalized from a malicious review. Like I said above happens a lot that the buyer after receiving the work and after working on modification requests a full refund. Normally we should have the right to refuse that refund. But now that the costumer support always refuse to cancel the review I am always feeling scared of getting a bad review just from the bad intention of the costumer.

The fourth topic is the Selling Rating system. I am a seller from 2 years now and I have worked on more than 1700 orders with a total of almost 700 Reviews. I don’t have any negative reviews and 99% of the review are above 4,9 Stars. I got downgraded from Level 2 Seller to new seller due to high cancellation the first month and due to a undeserved warning the second month. I continued working and managed to lower the cancellation rate and from 2 months I am Level 2 seller. The last month I got selected to be reviewed for Top Rated Seller. I didn’t get upgraded and I really don’t understand why. I have a perfect rating and also the majority of my clients get back to me and also I respond to every client in minutes. And again I really don’t understand what I need to improve to achieve the Top Rated seller rating.

Below also I will tell the last warning story and what happened with this buyer.
I had an order from a buyer and after reviewing the requirements I noticed that the information wasn’t enough to continue working on the design. Contacted the buyer to inform him that the requirements added weren’t enough. The buyer responded that will send the needed information the following days. I waited but the order was running late and to prevent the late order I informed the buyer that I am sending a random image just to stop the Fiverr time and we will continue the order when I will have the full information. The buyer get’s back to me a few days later with the information and I continued working on the design as required. After finishing the design the buyer said that didn’t like the first concept and we as always are willing to work on another one. After receiving a scratch from the buyer with the exact positioning and the color palette I worked on the second concept and the buyer said that he didn’t like this too. I am very passionate with what I do so I promised the seller another design and delivered it after one day. Finally the seller liked the design and asked a few text modifications. I worked on the modifications and delivered the finalized work. After that the buyer surprising wanted a full refund with any clear motive. It was very suspicious and I contacted Fiverr support explaing what happened on this order, hoping that this situation will get resolved. Today i get a bad surprise by Fiverr support. A notification on the platform said that the order was canceled and also I as seller just got a warning. Also I got a response on my email and clearly the support didn’t read the message history with this buyer and just said that I didn’t sent the order to the buyer. This happened today and I hope someone from the support can review this situation again.


You have some very valid points but you are lucky you did not get banned for sending a false delivery!


I understand that maybe the false delivery is a bad thing but I don’t know what to do since the buyers never response to Time Extension requests in time and I also get penalized from the late order. I got downgraded 1 month only because of this matter. This is an unresolved platform problem and I hope someone to do something about it.


When dealing with such a buyer, I would think it best if the order were cancelled (as soon as you knew the buyer was being weird by not having everything that’s required for the order ready… and also requesting so many re-works). Sure, you might lose a percentage off the order completion rate but maybe, that would have been better than the situation you are in right now.

Having said that, I really empathize with your situation. But, as you have seen, when things don’t change on Fiverr’s side, I think it is about time we changed something on our side… Instead of trying to blame someone else (no matter how deserving they may be of the blame), we should act on it and do something (that’s in our control) about it…