Do we still have the available now


Please, do we still have the available now button on Fiverr?
I can find it n my Dashboard.


I don’t think so. I can’t find it either.


Available Now was removed some weeks ago.


Thanks for your response. I hope it returns.It has been a helpful feature on Fiverr for me. I really get new clients with the available now button.
How is your gig doing ?


I don’t seem to have much work at the moment, but I guess it’s holiday time for a lot of people. The Avaialble Now button worked quite well for me.


I guess since the advent of the Fiverr Pro Home feature


Can’t wait for the holiday to be over.


Hello! I wrote to support about it and it was really removed at all. They said, as i understood, istead of this now we have fiverr pro sellers


I don’t think there is any connection between Available Now and Pro Sellers.
They tested Available Now (which showed if selected sellers were online and ready to respond within 5 mins) and decided to withdraw it some weeks ago.
Pro Sellers is a category of sellers who very recently have got a separate home page.


Thank you for fast answer. Could you please tell me more about Pro Sellers is a category of sellers who very recently have got a separate home page.? What do you mean about separate homepage?

Thank you in advance!


Here you go:

If you go to the top of the main Fiverr page you will see a link that says Fiverr Pro Home which is their separate home page.


It’s only available for beta user I think so.


Available Now has gone!


Remove form fiverr…!


But not all buyers can afford the service charge of sellers on the Fiverr Pro homepage and perhaps I can’t find my kind of gig on the Fiverr Pro. I’ll appeal to Fiverr to restore the Available Now button for the potential ‘Fiverr Pros’.


What do you mean by ‘beta user’? Kindly throw light on this. Thanks