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Do Work Before Order?

So, I got a massage from a buyer saying to do SEO service. We discussed everything, the buyer asking question like they don’t know anything about SEO and like doesn’t read the description. I sent him the previous work, but he said “this is not helpful” said with confidence as I smelling like he does not know anything about SEO. After I said this is site audit report. He said “Could you send me a site audit report of my site right now?”, I said after order.

After when I asked him after some time you like he said “I didn’t like your attitude, I talk with another seller after you he sends the site report before order” and “said you are money hunger” as I sent him the offer after discussion.

So is it right to do a work for free before order and after work if the buyer does not reply anything got the free work then what? All the work he got for free.

(The Buyer has 5-10 reviews on last 7 months ago, so can I sends with confident that the buyer not going for free work like some bad buyer, just checking if we can do what he wants.