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Do writing gigs sell in fiverr?


Hi, would you recommend someone to create writing gigs or there is too much competition in fiverr already?


There is competition in every gig category. Don’t look for the easy ways to be successful – there are none. Create gigs for the skills you possess. Those are the only gigs that can bring you success.


I think there’s a huge demand for writers on Fiverr. There’s a lot of competition, sure, but you’ll find lots of those sellers can’t really write.

I think the problem Fiverr writers face is proving their worth. Because writing has so few barriers to entry, everybody and their dog has a writing Gig on here, thinking it’s the path to easy money.

Try to prove your ability to customers by uploading samples of your work. Also, take some tests; they’re free! If you can get published somewhere reputable, that’ll also do wonders for your image.