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Do you actually attach pictures or samples to each completed order?

Hi, every time I deliver an order the site suggests to attach a picture or other visible sample to improve the gig looks or attractiveness.

Do you do that? if so, what do you put there?

Because obviously, I cannot just post a sample of the work I’ve just done without breaking client confidentiality, so I’m not sure what they mean by suggesting this. Just a picture? an unrelated sample/image? or ask the client for permission to post an excerpt? (seems too complicated to me).

I’d appreciate hearing from others whether you do this and how.


Hi tomerrose! Although I’m not in the writing space myself, I can tell you for sure even if you have the live portfolio on the gig page turned on, delivered work will only be added to it if the buyer explicitly consents to it by ticking the relevant box when the order gets delivered. I do music production and have the portfolio turned on but probably only about half of my clients choose to have their work shown on my gig page, but I think that’s better than nothing! In either case it’s up to the buyer at the end of the day so I don’t think there’s any harm in taking a excerpt screenshot and including it with the delivery so that the buyer can ultimately decide whether they’d like it shown or not.

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Thanks eoin! I had no idea that’s how it works so that’s very helpful advice !

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