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Do you agree with me or not?

There was a famous saying of Batman I often say “When you are good at doing something never do it for free”.
I need to know how many agree with me on this?


Batman was good at what he did and he always did it for free. Who was he giving this advice to?


Average at best, also he was filth rich, but that line is from Heath Ledger’s Joker in one of the Batman movies


I can’t decide if I agree or not.
Could you do a video of yourself as the Joker saying the line? Then I could decide I’m sure.


“When you are bad at doing something, do it for free." If you are true, it means I’m also true :thinking:


@landongrace is correct. You clearly don’t know Batman. Batman ALWAYS did what he did for free. That’s why he’s a superhero. True heroes are selfless.

Why do you need to know who agrees with you? Are you conducting a random poll?


jonbaas just gave me the recipe to become a super hero. I’m on it.


Yeah, it’s just a coincidence how they always get the girl and get away with causing millions of dollars of damage to public property—and get to go on awesome adventures and have secret bases… :roll_eyes:

Come on. We all know why they really do it.

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They like to destroy public property?

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Doesn’t Batman pretty much own most of Gotham City? :wink:

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Superhero history speaks for itself. Batman starts out being a vigilante catching street thugs and regular criminals. Then suddenly, there’s everyone from space aliens to mutants and hi-tech geniuses turning up to do battle with you and decimate the city you live in.

Or they go out on a vendetta against other heroes like Superman when there isn’t a suitable foe to fight.

My landlord owns my apartment. The minute they crash a batmobile through my lounge while chasing a maniac dressed like a clown, I’ll be having some very harsh words. It’s very very disrespectful.


That line was spoken by the Joker and he was referring to himself.

As The Joker is a psychopath, I’d argue you’d have to be a bit of a psychopath to fully believe that

:bomb: :clown_face: :gun:

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Batman did it for free but Rocky Balboa did it for living.

I mean, learn before doing something :sweat_smile:

Don’t underestimate you talent.

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