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Do you all write your articles on Microsoft word?

I write all my articles on Microsoft word but is there any other place to write it where you can actually preview what it would look like to other people? I’m open to suggestions.

You can still write it in word (or other software like open office writer) but you can export it as a .pdf to show people how it would look if you want. Though that’s not going to be editable.


Iv been here for a week and haven’t yet gotten at least one sale. Any advice?

I’d change the part of the profile where it says you graduated in 2024. Maybe create new gigs and check the buyer request page quite a few times a day and send offers to any you could do.
edit: Also it’s best to use a different image for each gig.


But what should he change it to? :man_student:

It’s been removed so it seems okay now.

You need to create a new topic if you want to ask a different question.

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