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Do you ask your customers to pay before you begin the work?


I am wondering if I should start asking customers to pay before the work has begun. This is because I am dealing with a runaway client right now. I am thinking of using the built in mail reminder system for invoices maybe. Has anyone ever tried it?

How was your experience with it? Did the client end up paying the invoice?


Buyers ALWAYS pay before you work on an order. Always. If you’re doing things a different way, then you are doing it wrong, and could be in danger of your account being restricted.


I might be reading it wrong but this post was in the part of the forum so he’s probably not talking about Fiverr work.


I ask for upfront full payment for work under $500 and 50% deposit on work over $500 - unless it is a client I have a known history of paying well and I have offered them 7 or 14 day terms. I haven’t used the reminder system as I send the invoice before and don’t start work until they pay the full payment or the deposit, so I generally don’t have many outstanding invoices to follow up. If you have a few at once, it could be handy.


My advice outside Fiverr is that if it is a new client I ask for payment up front for the first few pieces of work. After I have established an ongoing relationship with a client and have a contract in place with them, I bill at the end of each month for work completed in that month, and clients have thirty days to pay. Over the last 3.5 years, bad debts / unpaid invoices have been less than 0.5% of my income.

In every case, you will want to get a contract in place with clients that clearly defines payment terms.


Ah, indeed. I stand corrected.


How to make contract sir?

#8 is a good place to start.


Thank you very much sir


defiantly, Jonbass is :+1:


I’d follow Bass’ advice. I recently had a client who didn’t pay me the other half of the money. I froze the project. Its outside Fiverr, and for a service I don’t offer here. But I believe it can happen anywhere. Including here.

Get everything upfront. It’s how eBay works. You pay, then you get play.


About my job , can ask customer for billing before starting my job? Can i do it in your opinion ? However i still have no any customer 555


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Buyer pays immediately after submitting an order to you. However the amount gets on hold until 14 days after successful completion of the order. Sort of like deposit to fiverr.

If the buyer disputes to cancel the order and order is cancelled then the diposited amount is returned to buyer.


It’s how the system works. Customers have to pay to start the order countdown.


This is how I run my web design business. 50% upfront on projects over $500 unless it’s a larger project (over $5K) in which case, we do multiple milestone payments as the project progresses.


ALWAYS ask for upfront payment especially if this is first time you’re about to start working with potential client. It might be 20% to 50% of the entire sum. Alternatively, I’ve seen a practice to agree on partial payments: you agree with a client on certain stages of the work and get paid once each stage is done and ‘shipped’ to the client. Yeah, it largely depends on the sort of task you’re given, bt anyway it’s worth considering.

The bottom line is it’s all about building trust. It’s tough nowadays, especially in online business.