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Do you believe in magic? Take my in-gig test for free and let me know :) SHARE YOUR RESULTS

Are you cursed? Are you affected by black magic? Discover it now for free!
Let me know about results.
Blessing to everyone.

What do you mean free? The “break Fiverr ToS” kind of free?


Look in Gig description.
There is a list of symptoms that generally indicate the presence of a curse or black magic.
In magical rituals and white magic, initial diagnosis is essential.
Blessing :slight_smile:

I am not trying to discredit his work or mock him. Maybe it works for some people, if they truly believe in things like that. I was just pointing out that it’s against Fiverr ToS to offer free gigs and you can get in trouble as a seller for it.

If you answer like that I’m sure that you didn’t read my Gig. I’m so sad about this. You judge without know.
There is a part to give the buyer the knowledge about symptoms of curses. If the buyer have a curse he can buy one of the three packs.
Read before judge, please.
We are all brothers, after all.
Blessing to you.

What part of my message you interpret as judgement? I didn’t even click your Gig.

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I’m not giving a free gig mate. Look my gig before say that it’s against Fiverr ToS. I think you can’t say that if you don’t even clicked :slight_smile:

Oh, mate. You are discrediting now. You are free to think what you want, but you are discriminating my gig.

And remember, there are a lot of fake mage. But there are some real. If you harass or discriminate mages and magic you can regret this, soon or late.

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Blessings to you :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that? Is that a threat?

Why not just explain, eg. on your gig and/or here why having 3 of these (where the first 2 of those shown below seem to be basically the same thing) means someone has been cursed?

Are you affected by insomnia or sleeping troubles?
Seems difficult to fall asleep?
Are you feeling down, sad or depressed?
Are you having health loss?

Couldn’t there be other reasons, such as medical reasons, why someone could have 3 of the above symptoms?

Not a threat mate. I’m an healer but I know how magic works. If you discreditate an healer, with the gift to heal and help people, the universe take his balance. But don’t worry. I don’t want to start this conversation.
This community is too aggressive with a real healer.
There are cronic symptoms not explicable with medicine.
Bless to all.

But I think you are here only to attack. Maybe you got some fake mage. You ever studied magic?
Tell me about the HZ created by a ritual with tibetan bell.
Tell me about the magnet field generated by healer hands.
Probably you don’t know about this. And probably you will not answer.
So don’t judge a healer that want to help other.
Blessing to you all.

I’m not attacking, I’m just posting about the topic in an objective way.
I thought there could be medical or other reasons why people could have 3 (or 2 really since 2 are basically the same) of the symptoms I quoted.
It might also help your gig if you explained why, on the gig, that 3 of those meant someone was cursed. This isn’t being critical, it’s just a suggestion (it would provide more info for your buyers).

Maybe millions of people have 3 of those (or 2) symptoms but does that really mean millions of people have been cursed (that millions have gone to someone who does black magic to curse those)? Also if they’re all chronic symptoms, maybe (it’s just a suggestion, I’m not criticising) put “Chronic” in front of each symptom (where relevant) which might make it clearer.

I’m not judging you or criticising, I’m just talking about the subject, objectively. If people can be healed that’s great.

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