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Do you believe psychics in 21st century [ARCHIVED]

I usually come across Psychic gigs on fiverrr.

Some saying they will cast powerful spells, some claiming to have extra terrestrial powers and to my astonishment lots of people seek the Spells.

i searched YouTube and found some people doing some strange procedures they call it SPELLS

Does such phenomenon or individuals exists, do they have powers, are their Spells effective?


Some Psychics do cast spells, some prefer not to. It really depends on who you are going to.
I do personally believe in Spell Casting - it is basically sending out your thoughts energy into the universe. If you put your mind to it, there is a high chance it will come true.

I see you have mentioned quite a bit of things in your post, but the main job of a Psychic is to predict one’s future, surroundings, etc. Mediums communicate with loved ones who have past on. Spell Casters (sometimes referred to as Witches) tend to perform rituals.

So yes, I do believe they exist - if you go to the right one :slight_smile: But keep in mind, not everything is possible. I do still believe there is a bit of magic in the universe.
Hope this helps! Blessings!

you have mentioned the word CHANCE. can you please mention the success rate to be more precise and what kind of energy is that- do you use the electro magnetic rays or gamma rays ?

Interesting. Thanks for that. I have written for a lot of psychic websites as a freelance writer, but never come across an actual psychic.

We actually have 6 senses. Our sixth sense is dormant in most people and this is the sense of knowing things we can’t directly see. In some people it is not dormant and in most people it can be developed with years of practice.

It feels similar to your imagination. However, your sixth sense is there first of all as a warning system of danger. You will hear a clear message, for example such as "get out of here–NOW!"
This is not the same as simple anxiety where you are thinking to yourself “I’m scared. I should leave.”

With lots of practice you will be able to tell the difference between thoughts or imagination, and that message that is alerting you to danger. This message system that seems like your imagination can be listened to and in time you can come to know when it is a clear message of intuition, and not just your imagination.

The intuitive sense will give very definite strong messages once you start paying attention to it. All kinds of messages will begin to come, not just of danger, but of important things that are about to happen, thoughts of others, and all kinds of helpful things.

It takes time and practice though to learn to develop this sense. It is real. It is an ancient system that was ignored for so long that we don’t even know we have it unless we are the type of rare individual who is so extremely sensitive and cognizant of things that can’t be seen with the eyes that we can tune into other realms most are unaware of. Everyone could be psychic if they want to be and will put in the needed time and attention, with some helpful guidance and instruction. We all have this hidden ability. Thousands of years ago it was known and accepted as part of an inner radar system.

Grabbing my Elder Wand and considering to create some gigs.

Nicely put!

I have the psychic ability of a potato (a very sentient potato, but still…), and I was just wondering. This sixth sense can be accessed through a variety of methods, right? clairvoyance and clairvoyance being a couple, right? It’s a talent like all the others, you gravitate towards one method more. So… it’s not just about the gut reaction, it’s also about taking out the time, working with someone with experience to build whichever clair-ability is yours and… well, stuff like that.

I like the description of an inner radar system! I’m relatively convinced there’s more to the world than my five sense see, but I have no real direct experience, other than that which my natural skepticism would call a co-incidence. But as I get older, the co-incidences build up too much.

Oh well, I’ll get the answers one day… probably when I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil! I think it’s a shame that this sixth ability (“if it exists”–sorry) has been buried, but equally, for very good reason. Reasons I completely disagree with, but c’est la vie. That was an interesting post, thanks!

I have a pretty open mind on the whole subject. Personally, I reckon that my best psychic moments are in dreamtime or that bit in the morning when you’re not quite awake and floating. Not because I necessarily get psychic insights, but you’d be amazed at how many problems I’ve solved with ease. And that’s kinda a cool superpower, isn’t it?

Interesting how you mentioned the coincidences building up; a coincidence is the way the universe winks at you. Things are really not as they seem.
Intuition can come in 3 ways: a strong unmistakable knowing, a less strong feeling about something, and a hunch about something. There is a book called Intuition Technology which has some basic techniques for using intuition.

I just googled that… I had to laugh, because the author’s (if it’s the right book) surname was Living! Those are the little details that always make me laugh.

It’s not necessarily a case of co-incidences building up over one event. More a case of looking back over past events and seeing little similarities or messages or something that all join up. I haven’t had any lately, but my best friend passed away 3 years ago (4 now, I guess), and looking back, far too much “weird stuff” happened. I missed him dreadfully, of course, and he was trying to cheer me up with pranks so I knew he was OK. By pranks, I mean immediately after the funeral, I was walking down the path to the wake with another friend, and a branch fell into my bike (I was walking the bike) wheel spokes and got incredibly tangled. I got immediately angry and frustrated (“nothing’s going right today!”) and my friend–who is a psychic–laughed and told me it was just my dead friend trying to cheer me up and let me know he was fine. Of course, I leant on that friend a lot at the time, since he was full of messages. I can’t know if it really happened, but a) it was comforting b) it was a really weird co-incidence in a treeless area and c) well, it’s a good story. Well, I think it is lol. There were other events, and eventually I learnt to interpret them. I think we’ve both moved on now, though. I think of him a lot lately, since I really could do with his advice! Oh well.

Oops, sorry, rambling. I wouldn’t mind building up my intuition at all (I mean, it’s going to be useful for IRL practical situation too!), so I’ll see if I can get a hold of a copy of that book!

I have bought many potatoes trying to find a sentient one with zero luck. If you don’t mind living in a root bin and become available as a pet sentient potato, let me know.

I would name you Geraldine and I could pay upwards of at least $20-29 USD. I would also provide unlimited television, tuber food or whatever it is you need to last as long as possible without going mushy or getting extra weird eyes. :wink:

Are you a demanding potato owner? I can be a lazy potato. I am also not fond of the name Geraldine. It’s not a bad name, I just feel there are better names out there. Like Doug. As in “I Doug up a potato today.” Doug never laughs. His eyes look sunken and hollow. Was it something I did? I blame his Mom.

“heyouthere” is a beautiful name, for example. You just need to roll it off the tongue.