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Do you buy yourself a Christmas present?


Merry Christmas to all my forum mates!

The big day is finally here and I hope everyone is enjoying time with their loved ones. Let’s share with us have you picked something you wish to receive on this Christmas? What after Christmas deals did you get?


After another year of hard work, it was natural and even necessary to get something for myself, you know, to keep me motivated and all :slight_smile:

So, digitally I bought some long awaited digital brushes and a course on environment painting, and physically I managed to complete my collection of colored pencils :pencil2: (why so many? so that I have a wide range of colors to match the digital colors when transferring a digital painting to a traditional medium)


That’s impressive but you don’t l like yellow? Oh wait I see them. :slight_smile:

Very inspiring to the artist in me.


Actually, the Reds are missing as I’m still labeling them :sweat_smile: I manually labeled each and every one of them (as seen in the photo if you zoom more), so that I can then make some swatch books for easy identification, comparison and selection.


ohh wow…Really this is amazing…


So is this a new hobby?


Um :dog2:,

Digital art gigs :art: coming soon? :upside_down_face:

I wish you and Jon would create one. Yeah, I know wishful thinking! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I see some reds mixed in with pinks there. There are a lot of whites too. They look the same. :slight_smile:

Just having so many colors in neat bundles makes me want to use them and have fun. Are they all perfectly sharpened?


I never trust the paint used to color-code pencils or the leads, which is why you see reds mixed with pinks (or reds mixed with oranges) - there are a lot of brands mixed in the bundles, and what appears red is actually pink (or orange). I took each one of them and tested it to see the actual color, then bundled them together by their actual pigment :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost all, some of them have been used :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t resharpen till I need them again, to protect the lead - if it’s sharpened, who knows what might break the lead :smiley:

Rather old hobby :eyes:

I’m always considering this, and I’m still looking for ideas that can be provided on Fiverr, for some things just can’t be done the Fiverr way as Jon mentioned as well.


I would love to see some of the art you create with those pencils.


Yes me too…we would love to see some colorful artworks…:rainbow_flag: