Do You Cancel a 4.5 Star Order?


I hate it when, you deliver an order and the customer puts a 4.5 star rating on the order thinking it is really good ,but in fact, a 4.5 would kill your sales and how high up your listing is. I have learnt from past experience, how competitive Fiverr’s rating system is. I personally see how quickly a top seller cancels a order because of a 4.5 rating. If a gig does not have solely 5 star rating you may as well just delete it and start again. This of course, can be adjusted if you have massive amounts of order each month. So what do you guys do with a 4.5 star order?


i have one in my list… But the buyer wanted me to do a Free Radio Show after the delivery as a part of a demo i said i cant do it for Free So he Rated me 4.5 … But then nothing can be done… Just have to move on…


I rather not have a rating than 4.5 stars.


you can ask them to revise by offering some extra and ask them what is the reason for this i always got it resolved that’s why i am owning a 5.0 rating i only received two 4.5 till now because of too much delayed delivery.


You can tell him for doing 5 star if he deny for this then don’t worry about 4.5 rating because if you do one or two new successful order that will be good for your profile.


You can tell him for doing 5 star if he deny for this then don’t worry about 4.5 rating that will not effect your profile very much.


Seriously, I checked out all of your gigs. I don’t see a 4.5 star review any where. So, I am a bit confused. Also, your gigs are all similar - attaching a sign to a drone and flying it around. They aren’t like detail oriented like logo design, computer programming, or academic writing. I really don’t think a customer would care. By the way, don’t drones have a relatively short flying range ? They also can’t haul around the long banners and stuff larger planes can. What purpose would flying around a little sign not many people can see serve?
Just wondering…


I, personally, find the cancellation of a positive 4.5 star review to be ridiculous, and a waste of a seller’s time. A 4.5 star review is a positive review – that’s a GOOD thing, the next best thing to 5-stars. Are you really that frightened of your competition that you would refund all of your time and work just because of half a star?

Now, a 3-star or lower, yeah, maybe even a 3.5 star review, that’s something you have a valid reason to consider refunding, THOSE can hurt your ratings. But a positive 4.5 star review, come on guys. Seriously? The buyer liked your work. They’re even telling you that they liked your work. Why would you insult their kindness by looking down on their honest, positive review? That’s just silly.

The world is not perfect. Working for clients is not a perfect world. Be gracious. A 4.5 star review is NOT a bad review.


I dont think you really understand my gig. I am not trying to a massive gas blimp advertising people’s messages. This gig is for people who wish to have a unique twist to their message, and I do this by flying around with nice aerial scenery. Watch the gig video here:

Short range? Are you kidding me?Max range is 2km, is that short range? You are thinking about toys you purchase for 50 bucks. This quadcopter cost me 800$. It is not simply a toy. Please research before you speak; which is very important to the gigs you offer.

Cant find a 4.5 rating? Check harder. That wasn’t even the point of this post; to find my 4.5star rating.


Can they revise a rating after its been published? I havent order a gig in a while