Do you check out the sellers


…before you congratulate them?

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the forum lately and I’ve noticed that on one thread ‘a seller’ is being criticized or scolded for not adhering to the ToS, selling illegal items, copying others’ gigs, using stolen images, etc., and then on another thread they’re being congratulated and told to “keep up the good work” for making a level or a certain income.

Mixed messages, much? :wink:


I do :smiley:

I’m sure by now I’ve built up this “reputation” as a vulture/hyena or something along that line, but since I noticed quite a while ago that people who ask for help or complain here for some reason tends to have stolen/copied gigs, I usually check them. As you said in another thread, I am not a Fiverr police either, but since I have had my ( and my friends’) gigs stolen many times I get pretty darn angry IF I see a copycat seller calling out for “help” on the forum. If the gig happens to belong to my friends, I tell them right away and usually it gets removed within hours.

On the other hand when I see a new comer with a new gig happily reporting about their first sales or a certain number of gigs and they have original cool gigs, I click the like button or leave a congrats message because they simply deserve it. :smiley:


I check them out now. I noticed the same thing you did, and noticed that I would see a new seller being rude in one thread and nice in another and it made no sense. Sad to have to look at their profile and gigs before just saying something nice.


Reply to @zeus777: I started to look for any copies of my gigs because of your comment, and almost immediately lost the motivation to do it. I prefer to spend my Fiverr time congratulating or deriding fellow users. :slight_smile: After miriamdesigns’ comments, I may carve out a little chunk of time for reporting too.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I think a sad truth might be that we forum users are generally here to vent, help or idly chat, not commit to thoroughly vetting every thread we comment on. Sometimes it’s less stressful to just be part of the problem. :wink:


you can tell me what do you mean by ‘stolen gigs’ ‘copying image’ ’ copying other gigs’??

can people here stole other gigs?


Reply to @madmoo: Take other pictures It’s not good, people just need to open a new file on photoshop make a gradient, create some big text add Icon from fontawesome and you finish, but take other description, just to be honest when I start with fiverr, I read some description and I take inspiration or I get to know how I can create my gigs but I didn’t take same content :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo: I got it, so you mean when people take all gig content :

Images, Text, Price, Title… in other word : Copy/Past.

But, what If he/she don’t know how to do a part in the original gig??

:smiley: in this case must back to the owner and ask him/her : how you do that?



Reply to @madmoo: Thanks, madmoo. I would add that I will often find people using profile pictures or gig images that they stole from google images or stock photo sites that are not free. At the least, those are also copying images, and at most, it’s outright theft.


Reply to @muradbougraine:

Actually, one time I got pretty angry towards a guy that copied a gig, so I messaged him asking for a sample. He sent me an image back, and it looked NOTHING like the gig photos he had stolen. So in his case I think he thought he could fool buyers by sending a poor quality image, bur for other copycat sellers, I’m not sure what they are going to do when they actually do get an order. I get the feeling in some cases those copycat sellers are not trying to make money, they are simply trying to be jerks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @madmoo: I was sharing a link of my image from my google drive, but It not working, by the way I will use my own as soon as possible, to increase my sell :smiley: , thank you for your time


Reply to @madmoo: I was trying to draw myself in this avatar, but I failed I don’t have the pretty smail in avatar :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: but in the next month I will use my own image my own picture


Reply to @fonthaunt: I think, If the image has a licence let the person use it in profile not commercial (re-sell) no problem in this case!! there a lot people use picture in their profile from google??!! by the way, people can go here ‘’ and create an avatar for their profile for free :smiley: | Welcome to free online avatar creator, profile picture creator.


Reply to @madmoo: you mean true picture of person, yes of course, also If there are a video It will be more confident


Reply to @muradbougraine: I don’t have an issue with legally used avatars or personally created logos as profile pics. Many buyers seem to like real pictures but Ive also seen lots of sellers making good money without a real pic. I am referring to the use of stock or copied photographs used as profile pictures. Depending on rights it can be theft but even with rights I find the copying to be sort of misleading. The last part is just my opinion, though. :slight_smile: