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Do You Do This To Get Sales?

I sell here. Like many sellers, I buy too. I was blown away to see one seller give me a custom made brochure laying out all their services. It was darn impressive. Does anyone do anything similar or unique to help close the deal?


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Yes, I’ve done this myself for years - I’ve always invested time in improving my services’ quality, which means providing better quality deliveries, additional supporting documents, custom made brochures and booklets, etc.

At first my work was crappy-looking (like documents from back in the 90’s :smiley: ). But over time, with each unsatisfied client I started adding something more to my work to improve it based on previous feedback, be it an eye-catching redesign, perfecting my documents, restructuring everything, and so on.

A lot of my clients and potential clients even congratulated me for the attention to detail I was offering as opposed to other sellers, telling me how great my brochures and my work looked :slight_smile:

So yeah, all this can really have an amazing impact on existing clients and potential clients :wink:


If your service is unique.
You will get a bit of competition in the fiverr market.

If your service is unique you won’t have any competition surely? :wink:


I remember telling @fast_editing to do this some time back.
Pretty much every business does it in one form or another. Have you ever got a pizza delivery without a full menu being stuck to it? After buying something on Amazon, how often are you given the message “people who bought this item also bought…” etc.
Trust is one of the biggest keys to buying on Fiverr and once a buyer has got a good delivery from you, they will be more willing to buy from you again - so encourage them to do so

Why not put together a brochure of your own which shows all of the services you offer and anything else you could do for buyers. Deliver this brochure along with every order you deliver and offer an incentive or something to encourage the buyer to come back to you. Your target market for logos are likely to be those starting a business or those who are rebranding - both of those are likely to need a lot more graphic design assistance than just a logo design. By showing the what else you can do for them, they may come back to you. If you had done that from the start and even just 5% of your 2000+ buyers became repeat buyers then you would have over 100 repeat clients.


I send a Thank you note to clients that have the names of related services I provide. Will it help if I create a separate brochure adding details of those services too or should the names suffice? :thinking:


Don’t know if it will help or not!
But clients get a bit surprized to see how we designers work hard for them and word hard for the service we offer!


I personally think so.
Something simple which shows a little detail about other services you offer, or could offer, in a nicely presented PDF - it is easier to preview a PDF on Fiverr without having to download a word doc - will generally be looked at by a buyer and might get them thinking about how they could use those services too.


Great! Thank you. :slight_smile:


Nice! I did not know that such thing can be effective :slight_smile:
The other question becomes, any seller recommended to do this for us? I mean If I do it myself it will look awful :thinking:


I have been looking for a seller for this too at a reasonable price.

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :grin:

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Do you know why nobody recommended themselves? Because it’s not what this topic is about, and you just broke the Forum TOS by advertising yourself in the wrong place :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us