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Do you double check your revenues? If so, how do you do it quickly and easily?

After seeing the post about sellers revenues not showing correctly, I decided to check mine and am a bit freaked out that they are wrong right now! I don’t usually do a separate double check of my revenues, as assumed a site as large as fiverr wouldn’t have revenue errors and would accurately list all funds owed to its freelancers :frowning: (Plus it seems like a really onerous admin job :/)

If you do a separate double check to make sure everything is accurate, can you tell me how you do it? Do you have every order manually downloaded to some kind of separate spreadsheet and you update it if it changes (ie a customer changes extras?) do you double check each and every time the individual order clears? Do you do it daily? Weekly? Monthly?

If anyone has any tips on how to do this quickly and effectively (without getting bogged down in extra hours of work just to check what I thought would already be accurate) that would be great.

Also, if you’ve had errors in your revenues, what has happened? Was it always missing funds, or does it go the other way? Did the errors correct themselves in time or do you need to contact customer support and get them to fix it?

And I just saw the decimal problem get fixed, but my pending clearance drop by over $300!!! What is going on fiverr! :frowning:

I have a spreadsheet where I encode my orders and earnings in, it’s sort of like a to-do list for me, so I know when I’ve delivered an order and what orders I haven’t delivered. At the same time it summarizes the values for me, I make sure everything adds up to my total revenues earned and pending clearance. Right now, I’m pretty sure the Fiverr system is messed up. Hopefully the issue gets fixed asap!

Hello.I am using the power of paper and a pen.When the order is fully completed by the buyer I am just writing it in my notebook for managing orders.
Cover = 5$ if he ordered an extra I will just change the number.
Also good thing is to write the buyer name but I personally don’t want to use it.Just try to manage and write all of your order let’s say from 23rd of Nov to 23rd of Dec and then you just withraw your funds and calculating it.It’s 5 min job per day!

Good luck and best regards,
Getoffice Team!

how meny payment method fiverr accept

I can check my revenues and its shows correctly.

I have been tracking my revenues on an excel sheet for quite some time now. When I deliver an order I copy and paste the order number, clients user name, revenue and the date on the spreadsheet. When the payment is cleared, I highlight the order number. Personally I have never had a problem with revenues missing or not being accurate. Hope that helps :wink:

You can pay from your PayPal account or from your Fiverr earnings if you’re a seller.

it happen so often when fiverr got big update, seem update make it happen. When it happen i contact CS to ask about it and i did it 4 times.

I had a weird decimal problem, then I had weird amounts…for example, on a fiverr five dollar order, I get 4 dollars, but it was showing as 3.65. It seems to me they hold a lot of it for clearance for a long time. I would think that clearance problems are on fiverr, not us, and we should have cleared funds immediately.After all, payment is between the customer and fiverr, not the freelancer and the customer…
Maybe fiverr needs to hire some of the awesome techies selling on their site to correct these errors…

I’ve also just noticed some changes at the Revenues page, and have already contacted the Customer Support. They’ve always helped, so I think that it’s best to just let them know and wait.

i got the same problem. Pending Clearence drop more than 100$.
i sent a ticket to CS but i’m not sure they can help or not.
i think next time i will capture my screen of revenue page everday.

I have the same problem today ,my pending clearance dropped about $150…

That’s pretty cool. Would that I can get that spreadsheet. :wink:

Well my pending clearance dropped by $700, I contacted Fiverr support immediately and waiting for this to be fixed, I am absolutely shocked by this!

Same here, not sure for how much it dropped but it seems its between 50-70$ also total earnings is lowered by 70$. Did customer support help by that?

I think the pending clearance dropped down to the correct amount.
The pending clearance was too much and when it was corrected the new lower amount was the correct amount.

Yes. It looks exactly like that. “Pending clearance” included the “available founds” i guess

I’m not sure, but I added up the total of all the pending clearance sales and the total was correct after it dropped down.

That’s a great tip, I will have to consider doing this too.