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Do you double check your revenues? If so, how do you do it quickly and easily?


Hope this gets fixed soon.


Yes total sales are from pending clearances and available funds but if your pending clearance amount is wrong total sales will be wrong.
Take the time to add up all your pending clearances.


Same here :frowning:


Today my “Pending Clearance” funds were $400+ and Available funds were $324 but I initiated withdrawal today, now my Pending clearance funds are $288. SHOCKED!


My Pending clearance dropped down by $170 , than i just checked all the social sites page of fiverr and found that it happened with lots of fiverrians ,than i submitted a ticket to support. Hopefully fiverr team will resolve this issue :slight_smile:

That was Really shocked


Has anyone but ME tried adding up their totals of pending clearances, the ones shown in the blue lines in a list?

I would like to hear if anyone has tried that and if the amount is the same as the new lower amount of pending clearance?


I think it’s a good idea for everyone to have a spreadsheet as a backup. Mistakes happen so it’s just a safeguard. So far I haven’t noticed any issues but I’m not very consistent with my spreadsheet I’ll have to go in and cross-check.

Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn’t aware of the issue.


I had it happen again tonight, around $400.


My Pending clearance dropped down yesterday $100… Hope fiver will fix soon… I already contact Customer Support and waiting for a proper solutions. As a big freelancer platform should take more care with that.


yes , Fiverr team should make some quick and better plan for that type of technical issue. Also provide protection to all fiverrians account from any threat.
So that Confidence level increases on this Amazing best freelancing platform :slight_smile:


I also have the same problem with missing funds. CS told me that they are aware of it and fixing the issue.


They are not going to fix anything, I just received an email from support and they just say that the account is already balanced, this feels more than just a punch in the face


Yes I got the same message from CS.


I think the issue was fixed. I saw the decimal difference a few days ago, but now things went back to normal. It may be simply a temporary system glitch… Keep earning :slight_smile:


I hope so they have fixed it… ):


Well this is frustrating :frowning: after one week of hearing NOTHING I just got a message saying this is resolved and my ticket is closed! :frowning: But nothing was resolved. Feeling very upset with fiverr at the moment!


All of my interactions with customer service have been very good. Fiverr can be frustrating sometimes but I have always found customer service to be helpful.

I would recommend you contact them again. Ask for it to be escalated as that may help.


Same here! and they even don’t tell us what happened.


This is right. got the same message


same here, now i collect all the information into excel. . .