Do you edit your gigs?



I am curious to know do you edit your gigs and if so, does it effect the gig negatively after?

As it takes (or at least to me) around 2 days to be reviewed so 2 days it disappears from the search results…

I need to adjust things on my gig sometimes in order to improve it, but honestly afraid to having in mind the mentioned above :confused:


you can edit your gig it will not effect your impression


Do you have any proof to back up your claim? Wait until you get a big amount of impressions, which I don’t think you get yet since you are a beginner, edit your gigs and come back and prove it.

I did changes in my gigs and I saw a huge decrease in impressions for a couple of days. It’s how things work. If you don’t overdo it, you are fine. Once a month or twice a month edits shouldn’t harm too much.

You can also alternate the edits if you have multiple gigs. For example, if you have 7 gigs, edit one at a time, with 5 days between them.

I personally edited my gigs when I was overbooked. :grin: Who needs out of office when you can improve your gigs? hehe


Yes you can edit your Gigs with best keywords and more information as your Gigs need.


Sometimes when you edit your gig you are MIA - gone from search for a while! In addition, I have had to contact CS almost every time I have edited my gig, just to get it back into circulation.

For these reasons, I seldom edit mine.

@manucornel Brilliant idea!! Edit instead of using out of office!:ok_hand:t4:


Yeah, I thought of the same. Edit when I need a couple of days break or I need to travel :)… But I did noticed that I receive less orders after editing


Yes you can edit gigs…It depends if your gig is going down you can edit gig pics, tags, description…
if you have great impression not clicks then you have to edit pics and impression is down then pics…



Not editing them anymore, polished to perfection(haha). They may disappear for a few days, but if you have made it better, it’s acceptable.