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Do you even care?

I’m so sick of Fiverr sellers who do not care about the people they are providing services/products to! At least once a month, I hire a new Fiverr seller, usually a writer, and they contact me the day that my jobs are due, or even the day after, to let me know that they can’t do the job because [insert excuse here].

90% of the time, this is when I purchase multiple writing jobs, no more than three, to be completed within 24 hours. I pay double for each blog to be completed within 24 hours.

Do you understand that people rely on your jobs to be completed? That businesses are counting on your jobs to operate? It’s become painfully obvious that I should just use odesk or fragglesrock because the people on Fiverr don’t give a f***.

I love how they changed fragglesrock to fragglesrock automatically lol.

Someones go a chip on their shoulder…

This method doesn’t work for everybody and it still might solve your problem (and you might already be doing this), but if you need work done on or before a certain date, you should probably ask a seller before ordering if they can complete the work by that date. This first, shows you how responsive that seller is going to be and second, gives you at least a more definite promise that the seller is going to deliver than simply placing an order and telling the seller when you need the work done by, which is a message some sellers won’t see until they actually have time in their schedule to do the work.

Also, are you paying double by purchasing the seller’s extra-fast delivery option, or are you just paying double and hoping that will be enough of an incentive to allow you to jump the seller’s queue?

I’m paying double because i select the extra-fast delivery. What happens is that I search for writers on the Fiverr search engine using the Fiverr filter so that it only shows writers who have a 24 hour turn-around option. Then, if it is $10 or less, I use that writer. Without fail, 90% of the writers that I try this with send me an excuse on the day of delivery or the day after saying that they can’t do the job. I distribute these blogs on my clients’ sites, so each time this happens, my clients don’t get blogs on their sites. I’ve learned to safeguard myself because this has happened so many times, but wtf…don’t offer 24 hour. They obviously don’t care about the fact that I’ve paid their requested amount for the service they’ve agreed to provide, and that I could have had it done properly if I had hired on another platform (I would write specific platforms but it will be changed to fragglesrock lol). For writing jobs, FIVERR SUCKS!

If you are hiring someone to do more than one gig in 24 hours, it’s always a good idea to contact the seller first. Just as if you were hiring someone independently, even if their website said ‘quick turnaround’ you always contact them first.

Why if you have other writers that you work with that you like and deliver good work, are you always going after new writers? Do the other sellers not want to do your work anymore or something? If 10% are good and deliver on time, why aren’t you going back to those writers? Something doesn’t sound right for what you are trying to do here possibly.

The reason I keep hiring new writers is because when they do provide the work on time, the quality is often not good enough to actually use.

It’s interesting how people keep suggesting that I check with the seller to make sure they can deliver. I’m done on Fiverr for writing services, but let me explain it from a buyer’s perspective…

If you ordered a package and the package was guaranteed in 24 hours, would you call the package company to make sure they can handle three packages? Of course not. wtf.

Thanks all. I’m going to stop commenting, but yeah.

The reason everyone is suggesting to contact before seller is to confirm if the quick delivery will be possible or not.
I used to have extra fast delivery(EFD) for extra $10 for a $5 order.
But guess what ? On orders above $50, people just added EFD of $10 and assumed that they will get that in a day.
If I’m charging extra $10 for EFD on a $5 order then that does not mean I will deliver a $50 order in a day. I have disabled 1 day delivery for all of the development services because it turned out to be a nightmare for me.

Maybe this is not the case with you.
So let’s say seller has many pending jobs and you order with the quick delivery.
Now the existing jobs’ deadline may coincide with yours.
Buyer has no idea how much work the seller has in queue.
Then at the end, the orders are delayed or cancelled for this reason.

It is not that sellers don’t care. For some, this is the sole source of income. And who would want to lose money for any reason ?
You can see the forum posts of people not getting any orders. Not a single seller will say that they don’t care about orders here. Doesn’t matter a TRS or a newbie.
Losing a client is our own loss.

As a seller working solo i don’t even see it as a possibility to offer 24 hour delivery times. There are just too many unknown factors on fiverr.

I am sorry about what happened to you but not all are same here. Just look at my Recent feedback that i got from my buyer. Try to go for a mature seller like 150+ sales or a TRS

@iamjunaid…redesigning or rewriting something that already exists doesn’t take as much time as writing something from scratch.

As for the original forum poster, you say you want 24 hours turnaround, but then the day it needs to be delivered they say they need more time? Well, isn’t that the same day you order, seeing as it’s 24 hour turnaround?

I have a buyer who orders 8 500 word articles, then an extra for delivery in two days. He understands I can’t do it that fast, but he pays extra anyway so he gets his order in before other people, which I completely understand. Extra fast is not meant to be for multiple orders, it should be for just the basic gig. And as others have said on here, don’t order the day you need content, order well in advance.

Anything can happen for a seller, especially since we work on our own (most of us do anyway), we don’t have anyone to fill in for us when we’re sick or if we need to run errands. We do it all on our own. So check in with the seller before you buy. It’s only courteous.

This happens when you buy services from top or level 2 sellers… They have a lot gig orders in queue… So they don’t care about you…

But if you would contact a level 1 seller or low… They will surely reply you soon… Or when before ordering a gig from top seller, first see how many gig order are in queue…

  1. We only contact you when we have questions.
  2. I agree that cancelling a job at the last minute is bad.
  3. Sometimes people can’t do the job for a variety of reasons, just hire someone else.
  4. “90% of the time, this is when I purchase multiple writing jobs, no more than three, to be completed within 24 hours. I pay double for each blog to be completed within 24 hours.”

You should find a writer you like and stick to him. You should remember that paying double doesn’t guarantee 24/hour delivery. I charge $10 for EXTRA Fast 1 day Delivery. So if you order my basic gig, plus extra fast, that’s $15 you need to pay me.

“Do you understand that people rely on your jobs to be completed?”

Of course, do you realize that my time is precious and I don’t like to waste it? Do you know what I feel like when clients demand modifications without paying for them? Or when I have to give refunds because they do not like the work?

I think the next time you’re looking for a new seller on Fiverr, you contact them first. This way you’ve already had interaction with the person and that way you can select sellers on their interaction.

im not sure about most people but when im doing graphics if someone pm’s me i try to do it as fast as i can but maybe its differant with poeple writing

I think all the seller are not equal…
we are providing best service to our buyers and they all are satisfied with our work…
when a buyer order us than we care about his order and we try to do his work as early as we can

I guess you heard it enough : communicating with the seller is key on what you’re looking for, especially for fast delivery.

But I feel your frustration. People selling a service should be able to execute what they’re advertising … Ideally.

I believe that there’s two points that Fiverr fails to regulate on your particular situation :

  • Limiting enqueued orders, especially for sellers that failed multiple times to deliver / fast deliver an order. May be the later should be one of the metrics showed on the gig’s page! A ratio of delivered orders / total received orders of a particular gig.

  • The ability for the seller to actually refuse the order at the first place if for any raison can’t commit to process the order on time. Same way around of buyers. They need to have the right of withdrawing the order if the seller is not responsive quickly enough to discuss the order’s details. Without going through with the order and have to request a cancellation later on.

1 or 2 hours for regular orders and a 30mn for fast delivery orders “decision time” for both parts would be fair for acceptance and withdrawal actions.

This will lower unnecessary cancellations’ requests / failure to deliver cases while building better dynamics between sellers and buyers.

Getting back to what the OP was saying. He/She was probably attaching a lot of long files that the writer didn’t have time to read until it was time to write the gig. Reading and studying the buyer’s long info is half the job on writing gigs. Some writing jobs just aren’t meant for Fiverr. Instead of expecting amazing writing for $5 or $50 - go find a writer that will charge you $400 and spend all day on it - which is what your order is really worth.