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Do you ever ask your buyers about where they use your work?

I work here as an illustrator and I’d like to see where my illustrations are in work. But most of the buyers don’t show me the result. Literally, for the whole period of my work I’ve got a few products with my works sent to me and a few works shown online. So I wonder, do you ever ask your buyers if you can see where they use your work when they use it? Or is it inapropriate?


It depends. I work as a VO. If I get some particularly exciting project, like a national TV commercial, and it is from a client I’ve worked with on several occasions, I’ll sometimes ask to see the final result. Occasionally they will send me a link to download it; sometimes they won’t. If they send it to me, I’ll politely ask if I can use the project in my portfolio.

So it depends on your relationship with your client. Is it someone you have worked with on numerous occasions? Someone, you have a friendly relationship with? Or is it a one-off buyer? I wouldn’t send a message requesting to see the final result to a first-time buyer, and I never expect them to do extra work for me to get access.

You could perhaps add a note in your delivery message, saying something like:

"I love to see my work in action, so if you’d like, I’d be happy to see the final result if you use this delivery in one of your projects. Thanks!"

In the end you have to judge this on a per-buyer basis in my opinion - and rule number one must always be to make your buyer happy, so don’t spam them or remind them every other day to send you something. Remember; they are paying you to do the work, and they might not want to spend the extra time sending it to you.


I wouldn’t like it if a seller asked me that. I’m a very private person, and it often makes me standoffish to talk with a seller I’m working with for the 1st time. If we work a bit more together, maybe, and that’s a strong maybe.


Never. Sometimes they send me the end result because they want me to see it, but I never ask.


No, although I come across it sometimes, and frequently know what site it’s used on without asking. In one memorable instance, I was given a link to a former piece of my work published on the client’s site by a new client as an example of the type of content they wanted. Obviously, they did not know I had written the original. That tickled me quite a bit.


If I have worked with the buyer before I sometimes ask. Maybe 5% of clients offer to show me outright. But I do a lot of corporate voice overs so I’m not usually too fussed on seeing the outcome.


No. I have never asked my buyers where they used my service and I will not. Some people prefer to keep things to themselves and I have to respect their opinion


I never ask it as well and sometimes can see the works online. Once I’ve found my work were used on packages for some products that were for sell, but the buyer didn’t actually payed for the commercial use. Wasn’t sure what I suppose to do. Maybe that time it wasn’t a big deal, but anyway.

Thank you, I’ll probably use this advice)
I never asked straight forward to show me the result, but with long term buyers sometimes I would ask if I’ll be able to see the end result.

Would it be unacceptable for you if a seller ask you about the end result in any manner? Like if they say they’ll be glad they’ll see their work in actual work one day or smth like that instead of straight asking like: “Please, show me the end result”. Does it push you away anyway?
I’d say smth like that with my long term buyers, though I feel they could think I’m pushy. But what if they also would like to show the work, but would feel pushy on their side and that’s also the reason why they won’t show it?

As you can see, most sellers here won’t be asking their buyers to see the final result. I think it’s essential to approach this with caution.

If I purchased something from a seller, and the delivery message contained something like what I mentioned above;" "I love to see my work in action, so if you’d like, I’d be happy to see the final result if you use this delivery in one of your projects. Thanks!" - I wouldn’t feel obligated or pressured in any way. But if a buyer started sending me messages asking me outright to see the final result, I might be put off by that.

As a general rule, I never ask unless I have been working with the buyer for a long time, and we have a good tone. You’ll probably know by then if the person is the kind of buyer who prefers to keep it private or if he/she doesn’t mind sharing the result with you.

Keep in mind that very often, you can know where the final result will be published just by looking at what you’re working with.

For example, if I do a voice over for a company, the script usually includes the company name. So that’s an excellent way to identify and locate your content. I also hear myself on TV almost every day in several commercials.

So keep that you should always be very careful with this. Know your buyer first, and never, ever make them feel pressured into providing you with the finished work. Remember that many buyers on Fiverr don’t want their client/boss/customers knowing that they bought it here in the first place, and this is probably the main reason why many buyers prefer to keep things private. And we, as sellers, gotta respect that.


And I caught a client using my voice over in a national radio commercial without broadcast rights. I looked up their contact info, sent them a standard cease and desist letter, and offered them two choices:

  1. Paying the attached invoice of 200% usage fee (100% for the actual rights to use it + 100% fee for the illegal use) or…
  2. I would file a report with the police for illegal use and theft of intellectual property, violating rights to intellectual property, and fraud.

The invoice was paid 2 days later.

So that’s how I would deal with that, Avrora :slight_smile:


To me, yes. If the buyer offers, sure. If they don’t, it’s not your business.

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Thank you. Those are very good advices! Probably will use it.

It’s interesting to hear your opinion and, I think, a lot of buyers would think the same. On the other hand buyers sometimes communicate the way that it’s even becomes unpolite to not ask something llike that. Idk, not sure.

Yeah same here. But its not important to know i think as we doing work at a trusted platform. Buyers come and pay for us the work they want even they buy copyrights as well. So in my personal opinion its not important to know where my logos are used online or offline. Only important thing is to focus on work and satisfy the clients who reach out to me. :slight_smile:


I guess, for me, it depends on the gig. For things like articles or pictures that I’m using on the internet, I don’t mind telling seller where or for what.

For personal items, drawings (gifts), etc. I’d prefer to keep it to myself. Some articles that I get are rather sensitive in nature so I don’t share.

I do like keeping my privacy so even though I wouldn’t mind sharing, I may still get a bit suspicious to know why a seller would ask me this.


Well, I think this concerns more the works that are going to be for commercial use. Like a lot of other people are going to see it anyway, maybe the seller as well will see it eventually.

But, by the way, it’s forbidden by fiverr to contatct buyers anywhere else but fiverr. So I’m concerned about such situation.

Definitely. The where and how of my work dictates how I decide to do it. This is especially important for branding.

Illustration is all about communication and audience. You need to know both of those things.