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Do you ever drop tips to sellers while shopping on Fiverr?


I once ordered a Gig and what the seller delivered to me was nice, but not what I had been expecting. I thought I was ordering a digital image and instead got a picture (taken with a camera) of a hand drawn design.

This artist is talented and he drew exactly what I had asked for, but I couldn’t use it and had I known it wasn’t digital I never would have placed the order.

Since it was a $5 Gig and he clearly put effort into the drawing, I decided not to leave negative feedback or cancel the order, instead I wrote him a message explaining the confusion with some tips for selling hand drawn images.

Have you ever done this, or thought about it?

Sellers, if you got a message with constructive criticism or tips from a community member would you appreciate it, or do you find it offensive?


As I mentioned in my Super Seller interview, buyer feedback is always something to take on board. Sellers can be stubborn (my gigs are like my babies), but listening to an outside voice can really provide insight (hell, that’s what my main gig is about).

As anarchofighter said, if it is presented well, it will be taken on board well.

As for having a digital image, how about hiring someone on Fiverr to digitize what he provided you?


I normally send my buyers their order in the form of a conversation on the order page. And if they’re not happy with what I’ve sent, I either redo it, or I they get a refund or an exchange for any of my other services. That way, they get what they thought they would, or their money back!


Generally speaking any constructive feedback is best presented in sort of a “sandwich” …

  1. Something you liked.
  2. Something you’d like to see changed
  3. Something else you really liked or a positive outlook on the future interaction.

    I’ve gotten thoughtful feedback and rude feedback from buyers.

    I am NOT in the camp that the “buyer” is always right. But the buyer is always the buyer. And, since anything that can be misunderstood will be and now with much longer descriptions, feedback is more usable.


Completly agree with @anrchofighter. Longer descriptions has made a world of difference to being able to speel it out. I think a lot of it has to do with managing expectations of the buyer. It can be so so hard to do. As a seller the key for me is to practically spell it out for the buyer and what they can expect back. From tone, to file type, to direction - and if I’m unsure of exactly what they want then I’ll message them.

What I find even more difficult is managing buyers who’ve made a mistake(s) in their script, but don’t tell me till after it’s been done - but that is for another thread!


That’s a Great story @Madmoo! You must be one of the peeps who won the banner contest from Fiverr, yes?


Reply to lparziale: That is awesome that you help sellers with the grammar for their gigs and you are correct not EVERYONE speaks or writes English, great job, send me the link to your gig page and I will add you to my list, have a great day!


We’re all in this together! I am a firm believer in helping people out when you can. If you can help out a seller who isn’t directly competing with your demographic, by all means, DO IT. Just don’t be mean or rude about it. Some methods work for some and not for others.

Have to admit, there would probably be nothing as depressing as offering serious advice to a competitor who thrives on your advice and leaves you in the dust, though.

Most of the time, fiverr is so varied that it’s never an issue. I think the best advice you can give is on manners and customer service!

Be prompt! Be considerate! Remember time is money and in the GENIUS words I learned when working at Walt Disney World: “The guest (customer) is not always right, but they are our guest (customer)!”



tn5rr2012 - that is really cool you do that - stop by my page and say hello from time to time!

I do buy gigs on Fiverr and am not just a Seller. I too feel compelled to help out my fellow Sellers. As this is a Global economy, I often read gig titles or descriptions that clearly mis-use language from sellers not accustomed to writing marketing pieces in English. I have often sent tips about words they mis-used or how they could write their gig description better to gain market share on their offering.

Not sure if this is a bad marketing habit or simply a random act of kindness. Either way, just can’t help doing it! Of course, I always do so with respect and good intentions in my heart, not just being a critic.


I don’t drop tips but I do message other sellers on a daily basis and give them a boost and just let them know how great their gig is and how awesome they are




If the criticism will help another succeed, why not?


I try to stay out of other seller’s business unless they ask or are on the forum.


Though I’ve been known after a sale to ask permission to give a little free advice.


I will always graciously accept advice, whether I use it or not is another matter entirely. I never look at it as if someone is “butting in”. I welcome all comments, constructive or otherwise. My entire adult life has been spent training and teaching people, and yet I am taught by many in the course of the day.


I do send tips while browsing… I dont buy yet :confused:


I would tips! I also like to help others when I can!


I don’t buy much on here but i do give other fiverr sellers tips on what might work better :slight_smile:


I definitely give other sellers tips. Even if I don’t order a gig, I will message them. There’s so many sellers who offer writing gigs, and they’re own description is full of grammar and spelling errors. For instance, if someone offers to write a high converting sales copy, shouldn’t their gig’s decription compel you to order their gig?


Thank you musiclover! This helps us all out <3