Do you ever get any money back from Fiverr accounts? Or is it gone forever into FIVERR Land?


So far what I’ve been reading tells me I should not use Fiverr if I ever want to get a refund on the buyer side and or if I’m a seller I never get to use the money I earn in the world outside of Fiverr. Or Am I missing something?


What does 'in store ’ mean.

Does it mean that if you ask for a refund and the seller does not respond then you can ask for an instore credit from Fiverr and use that just like cash to buy another deal?

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That’s exactly what it means.

You buy a gig …lets say it’s $5 with a $20 gig extra. So a $25 purchase.

If you love what you get, the seller will earn $20 and fiverr will earn $5.

If you don’t and you get a refund/cancellation credit. You will then have $25 in your account that will be used FIRST for future purchases without going to your paypal account

So, if you ordered a gig for $5 pluse $10 extra, it would come out of your $25 credit.

At which point you would not have anything pulled from paypal and you would still have a $10 credit for future orders.

If you ordered something for $45… ($5 gig and $40 gig extra) you would have $20 removed from your paypal account and the other $25 removed from you fiverr based credit.


I think this system is pretty fair - since it gives you a chance to buy the same thing from another seller, hoping they do a better job.

For sellers, you get all money you earn - minus the $1 fiverr takes for every $5. So say you got 2 orders, you would earn $8 all up. This money then gets processed and cleared, which takes about 2 weeks - which all ends up in your fiverr balance. This money is then avaliable to withdraw at any time, to your paypal account. You can then use your money from paypal to transfer to your bank account or buy something on the net directly from paypal!