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Do you ever get bored of doing similar work?

I’m curious. I, as a seller, have had a range of writing work (though work has been a bit slowly as of late). Even so, I find myself getting tired of even easy, lucrative jobs when they become repetitive and non-challenging. I honestly couldn’t imagine spending the rest of your life doing the same niche when work is more or less the same (correct me).

I’m curious for the sellers who charge just $5 for 1000 words of edits, etc., and even the first-world problems writers like me: do you ever get tired of the same old work?

Have a good evening :blush:


Because you are a freelancer you get to do whatever you like. Today you can be a “Bear” and tomorrow you can be a “spaceship”!

Change things up if you’re lacking adventure and take a long hike and create a beauty article 5000 feet high up in the sk!


Sometimes…I get a lot of requests for horror stories, for whatever reasons. It’s fun to come up with story ideas, but it can get a little old.

Also, ongoing projects inevitably get boring over time. Fortunately, I have multiple gigs so I can just switch between orders if I get bored enough :slight_smile:

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Never do I get bored with my work.


Me too!..


Every single time I get a translation or an illustration gig they are all different, so
I don’t think I will get bored of it…even though the action of “translating/drawing” themselves will never change.

I do get boring work every now and then, that’s for sure.

Translating a funny story is way better than translating some office document!!


I my case, I try to find something interesting in each job. I guess I have to to do it well. There is always something to learn or a new skill. Of course each time I get a new gig to voice someone’s multi level marketing video I roll my eyes, but even then there is something to learn.

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You see, every person is different. Some are adventurous and they need something new all the time, others are just happy with life as it is and enjoy even the most mundane things, and there are also people who enjoy a fixed routine, like me, who enjoy doing the same thing over, and over, and over again, like a :robot: if you like.

It’s been over 7 years doing the same Fiverr job every single day of my life including weekends, and I’m not bored at all - I enjoy things that are constant (maybe my slight OCD is to blame here, who knows). But some may not enjoy having constants in their lifes, yet they constantly look for variables :smiley:

So if you’re more of the adventurous type, consider trying/offering/doing new things, challenge yourself! :wink: