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Do you ever get buyers who don't read the description?

I’m fairly new to fiverr but the sales are finally rolling in. However, I’ve noticed that at least half of my sales have come from buyers who seem to not have read the gig description at all. Now I’m not one to turn away business, but I’ve had to do a couple of mutual cancellations which I don’t like to do. How do some of you sellers deal with making sure people actually read your gig so that you don’t have to tackle subject matter that you’re not familiar with which ultimately prolongs the gig delivery.

Now I must add that my description is very specific, so if people who request unrelated services/subject matters actually read it, they wouldn’t even bother

The main problem I see (I am assuming you are talking about the 400 word original article here) is that the name of your Gig needs to be changed. Call it something like ‘write 400 words on internet marketing’ instead. That should help you out a bit. Plus it will help people searching for that specific Gig.

Also your tags write articles and article writing is a bit deceiving. Hope that helps you a bit.

be as specific as possible. is there confusion in regards to the same issue? or is it different things with different clients? whatever is causing the confusion, change the wording :slight_smile:

good luck!

Reply to @kitsaros: I hear you. It literally happens to me every other order.

Reply to @eclients: Some great info here that I’ll take into account. I didn’t realize the title and tags were causing the confusion. I was simply trying to attract as much traffic as possible. Now I know that half the buyers don’t even read the description

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely see now how my copy wasn’t more to the point.

I’ve never had anyone actually buy a gig without reading the description, but I did have a buyer want me to do something that was totally out of the scope of my gig. Luckily he messaged me (twice) asking me to do this, and I politely refused (twice) saying it’s not in my gig description.

Like others have said, be specific as possible with your gig so if there is a problem, there’s a better chance customer service will take your side in a dispute.

so it’s not just about to get first order but it remains even after you start getting orders :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday I had to cancel $165.00 in gigs because of people not reading my description where it says to CONTACT ME FIRST! Yep, happens all the time. I try to be accommodating but sometimes what they want me to do is impossible.

Reply to @blackfolder1: Wow that’s tough. i’m definitely trying to put an end to this problem before it effects me negatively