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Do you ever get nervous when buyers don't leave reviews?

It’s probably not the best thought, but I always think :fearful: did I do something wrong? :fearful: I am sure there is a much more mundane reason for this.

I wonder how a buyer feels when a seller doesn’t leave them a review. :thinking:

They don’t bother as they don’t get notified.


Oh really? I never knew this. Maybe the ‘buyer’ rating is really more a flag for sellers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used to care, now I don’t. Honestly, I prefer they don’t now. I have had the buggy review system incorrectly register buyer reviews twice (0 stars) already.


not any time nervous

Hey, Josh!

Nope, I don’t get nervous.

As soon as I deliver an order, I prepare myself to work on the next. :smiley:

Don’t worry just be happy! :sunglasses:

I highly doubt that they are concerned about receiving reviews. I think they are happy to download their order and keep it movin’.