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Do you ever get orders outside of buyer requests?

According to your profile, you live in the UK, but you speak English at a basic level, and you don’t speak any other languages. Potential buyers might think that you’d be really difficult to communicate with.

Also, you don’t respond to the reviews you get. Some people find it off-putting.


Are you saying i only speak basic English because of the test i took on my profile? The reviews seem happy with my communication.

I’ve left reviews for people who have bought gigs from me but I’ve never seen an option to respond directly to their review.

No, because of this:


You can choose the language and the level (basic, conversational, fluent, native/bilingual) on the profile page.

You get that option on the order page, after you leave the review that goes on their profile.


I’ve never seen that option, I’ll try to find it on the next order. I find it hard to believe that would put off buyers though. Changed my language to native. Thanks for the tip.

After you’ve reviewed a buyer, once they review you you’ll get a text box on the order page, which tells you that’s how you respond to the review.

It looks like this:


Maybe just maybe, this person recently moved to the UK? :no_mouth:

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I never thought about it. You are right, it could look rude to some people.

To be honest with you, it is a long journey until you reach your desired sales rates. I check gigs of other sellers and they are selling for such a low price and promise fast delivery in 5$. I shared this with you to talk about the competition we have on fiverr. My suggestion is that you should not stop sending buyer requests. You could find a good opportunity from buyer requests. Don’t worry too much and stay persistent. You will do fine here.
Visit fiverr forum often and you might learn new thing everyday. I’ve found many tips and tricks from reading posts here. Our senior sellers share their experience with us here and it has been helpful. I think you can also try Ranting pot on this forum it is my favorite category.

Could be, but in that case, they’d speak some other language at a native level? :slight_smile:


What, really? How do you know this? I try to respond to my reviews, especially the really nice ones. I can’t imagine someone being annoyed by me saying thanks lol what am I missing?

no unfortunately. even not through buyers request

Other way around. Catwriter is saying it may be off-putting that olie01 doesn’t respond publicly to reviews.


Here come the grammar police again, as you can see on her profile she is offering audio services and she has great review so there is no point to go straight to the language card.
She is not offering writing services so there is no reason to have a perfect English yes it might help but this is a world platform where there are a lot of languages involved.



I was merely pointing out that they have mistakenly chosen “Basic” as their English level, even though they were a native speaker.


I always respond to reviews twice.

The first one goes on the buyer’s page. This review is the one the buyer will see. If they are new and I am not sure what kind of review I will get I merely say thank you. If they are a repeat customer whom I know will leave me a good review, I give the buyer a review indicating how much I enjoy working with them.

The second review is given after you see the buyer’s review. Unless the buyer goes to your gig page, they do not see this review; this is the review that appears just below the buyer’s review on your gig page. However, I am writing it more for prospective buyers who view my gig page.

Also, if you receive a less than stellar review, this is where you can tell your side of the story. If you get a positive review, the second review is a place where the prospective clients can get to know you so now is the time to create a positive image of yourself.

In the second review, I do three things.

  1. I acknowledge the buyer’s review with something like:

I am happy I was able to help you. or It was my pleasure working with you.

  1. Next, I tell the type of service I gave the buyer.

I work hard to provide the best proofreading service possible. or I am always happy to help you with my letter writing service.

  1. Last, I tell them I would like to work with the buyer again.

I hope to see you again soon! or I’d love to be a part of your growing business.

I learned this method from another seller who gave a booklet away on the Forum for a short time about how to write reviews.

My review rate is 82% so, this method must work. :wink:


It isn’t about grammar at all. It’s about proving you can communicate effectively. People don’t want the many hassles of communication barriers. It affects the work and seriously overcomplicates things.

Communication is vital for all orders and it has nothing to do with nit-picking. She isn’t saying anywhere this seller needs perfect English. That’s a mischaracterization of her argument. She’s saying you need to prove you can communicate effectively if you want to get sales and that’s the reality. You need to give buyers evidence you can do that. If someone says they have “Basic” English, that’s a red flag.


Another good reason to write a thoughtful, well-worded review is that it shows your communication skills.


This post has got a little heated lol

I would just like to say based on the comments I would like to stand with @catwriter.

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:police_car::policeman: I know few native speakers that have basic English and communication skills so I don’t think be native isn’t enough to have a good language skill.
I would take a look at that badge only if I’m searching for a writer or that kind of gigs otherwise I never looked at that badge as a buyer on fiverr.
humanissocial by saying that the basic English badge is a red flag is discriminatory to me, badge isn’t enough to judge communication skills of a person.

It’s not discriminatory at all. People don’t want miscommunication. It can cause misunderstandings, cause delays and cost a company money by spending their time trying to clarify these things. It’s not discriminatory to try to avoid these things. This is an English platform. It’s reasonable to expect and pursue effective English.

It doesn’t matter if the seller actually has adequate English. You need to prove that. Saying your English is “Basic” achieves the opposite. If you create the perception of a communication issue, you can prevent sales. Whether you agree with it or not, this is the reality.