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Do you ever get skeptical with new buyers who don't have reviews?

A little bit of a discussion over something I’ve been experiencing since I started selling. I was wondering if other sellers also feel skeptical about new buyers who don’t have reviews. From my experience, I’ve faced terrible challenges dealings with some new buyers. Most of these buyers probably lack experience and most of them ended up abusing me while some demand for a refund. In truth, they are often careless in giving the appropriate requirements while some are right off arrogant. Do you ever get skeptical with buyers who don’t have reviews? Let me know your thoughts, thank you :slight_smile:)


Actually No. Normally i got only “problems” with top buyers.

Thank you very much for you valuable information.


This is getting out of hand…

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Absolutely … I had a very bad experience recently on that topic :

Happy (new) customer : 3.7 rating

Fiverr should do something on protecting sellers from brand new buyers.

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What kind of problems do you encounter ? Instinctively I would assume that most issues shall come from people unaware of how to use the platform.

Top buyers get cheeky. They already know exactly how to use the system and always want to get the maximum out of an order.

95% of my clients are new clients and have never used fiverr before. All they need is a little bit of guidance on how to use a platform, what are the conditions and how this works and they turn out mostly to be amazing.

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I think you can have problems at both ends.

Top buyers know how fiver works and how protected they are in the buyer/seller dynamic. They know they hold the power. But it also means they have had their expectations managed over time through experience.

New buyers don’t know that any less than a 5* review is bad for sellers. New buyers think 4.4* or 4.7* is a perfectly great score, which IMO it should be, but it means you look and rank badly on fiver.


It doesn’t really matter if buyer have reviews or don’t. Ever saw buyer with review less than 5 stars? It’s like seeing unicorn. Everybody gives buyers 5 star reviews so those reviews are not accurate at all.

Depends on person, I had good and bad experiences with both.