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Do you ever hire people on fiverr to work for you when too busy?

Recently I had a gig cancelled, both because I was too busy, and because I didn’t really want to do the job. I realized after I had the gig cancelled, that I simply could have paid someone else to do it, and it may have been relatively simple to at least have someone else get it started for me?

Do you ever hire out work here on fiverr?

I’m curious to hear people’s experiences with this practice, as I’m sure it is done… to what extent, i do not know.

The obvious hitch could be that the person I hire doesn’t complete their work in time, or does a really bad job that takes just as much work to revise and complete than it would have taken me to do from scratch.

It would actually be really valuable if I could find some people here to help me with various tasks, even if, in the process, I might actually end up promoting some of my own competition.

looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.


You’d have to find somebody whom you could really trust - basically you’d be putting your business into their hands - not something that would suit many of us possibly?

I know I wouldn’t be keen to put my reputation on the line by using somebody else, but that might just be part of my control freakery! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know what you mean. But I’d still be in charge of the delivery, the real trust I’d need would be “is this person going to do a halfway decent job that would save me some time in completing the project?”

I’ll probably give it a try sometime and make sure I give myself enough room in my schedule to complete if they didn’t do anything useful for me.

If it worked, it would be great to expand my ability to take on more clients, and build relationships with other sellers who have similar interests as me.

It sounds kind of awesome to have a team of people who could work together and share knowledge… but would not be easy to achieve I’m sure.


what kind of work do you prefer?

I can help you with graphic design and anything about building construction

I have tried it with the intent of having someone else do a kind of basic part of the work for a small fee. Then I’ve gone over it to make sure it’s good and to fix it up so that it is in line with my style. It has been of benefit at times. I have to have longer delivery times to do it and if the other seller fails to deliver then I have to prepare for a late night to do it myself anyway, but it’s still been reasonably useful at times.

Now that the service fee is $2 and sellers are charged the fee when they buy, I doubt I will do it much if any. I have recently begun recruiting some students locally to help me with my bulk work. I can try to let you know how this works out if I can. I’d rather pay locals if I’m going to pay more on Fiverr and still have the hassles of potential failed deliveries and communication issues. If not for the service fee, though, I probably would have continued to outsource on Fiverr from time to time.

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It’s an interesting question that I used to ponder on as well. After much studying how things work and my personal preference when it comes to the services I provide, I decided that I’d rather choose higher delivery times for my gigs, limit the number of orders that I can have at a time and increase my prices than to risk my reputation like that.

In other niches might be different, but when it comes to writing and translations, I can distinguish a pro job from an amateurish one in 0.5 seconds. And if I can see it, the client can see it too. It’s just a risk that I don’t want to take.

I am very picky when it comes to my work, and I’d rather lose sleep to finish a job than to deliver a poor quality one.

Just my opinion. :+1:

Quality costs money, therefore if I choose a cheaper seller (to get some kind of profit from this deal), 99% of the time the result will be low quality.


To be honest, this is more like running an outsourcing business than freelancing. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it ideally requires a completely different kind of business strategy. (And ideally a completely separate brand identity.)

I have outsourced work on Fiverr due to being overbooked. However, even in the best cases, I have had to revise work. This is not due to a lack of competency on the side of fellow sellers. When writing, I simply have my own voice. Also, I have my own SEO best practices concerning the basic structure and layout of articles. A great writer can return something to me but 9 times out of 10 I will have to edit things the way I like.

In theory, I could create a template and concise instructions for sellers to follow. The problem is, most competent freelancers would charge more to work as per my instructions. In this case, I’d forfeit any potential profits.

As a rule, I only outsource when I have something silly like 12-hours to get something done and I realize I can’t meet a given deadline. I then contact sellers I know, ask if I can pay for expedited service, and edit what I get back later.

If I was to build a business around outsourcing, I would set up a website, drive traffic to it via a PPC campaign, and take things from there.

Lastly, I hate working with other Fiverr sellers who outsource work as part of their SOP. Several times now, I have had fellow sellers place an order. After delivery, they have then started deluging me with orders. It’s like a lightbulb pings in their brain and they think: "All I need to do now is send all my orders to this guy."

This doesn’t work. I have my own clients and workflow and I find it very rude on a personal level. Of course, asking a seller how many orders per week or month they can handle can mitigate this problem. There is a danger, though, in growing reliant on even groups of freelancers when outsourcing Fiverr orders directly. They may go on vacation etc and leave you having to start taking chances on sellers whom you haven’t worked with previously.

There are basically too many quality control variables to take into account outsourcing your orders to someone else as part of your SOP. Worse, all those variables can lead to your clients leaving poor reviews if they are not happy.

Outsourcing once or twice? Fine. Anything else and you need to have a rock-solid strategy in place to mitigate potential problems.


Hardly on Fiverr its hard to find someone for the work that will want to do work in less amount because we atleast don’t want to go in loss too. However, I did it 2 times and was not satisfied with the work but in one order I earned 0$ profit but saved from being getting -ve review but it was like a situation that someone order without messaging me so I had no other option because I was not able to do that work for which he had ordered.

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I’ve hired others to do parts of my project, but in web development I can’t outsource the entire project to someone else. It would be a nightmare to check everything later and at times it would take hours if not days to redo their work.

If I can’t handle a project then I will simply give them over to someone else. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of it.

However, you can’t be an expert in everything so every now and then I hire specialists to help me

  • I’ve hired designers to create icons and editors to optimize images, but I like to control the overall design
  • I’ve hired proofreaders, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the entire website content
  • I’ve hired SEO specialists to do site audits, but I will prioritize the issues and fix them when needed

It’s not easy to find people you can trust. Come to think of it, almost half the helpers I’ve hired are somewhat active in this forum. I understand in the forum people rant and feel a bit more relaxed, but I believe in most cases you can tell if you’re a good match or not based on how they interact with others here :wink: