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Do you ever just want to quit?

I’ve had an amazing few months with Fiverr in terms of earnings, and 95 percent of my clients are great, but I’ve been thinking about closing up shop.

Lately I’ve had an array of less-than-pleasant experiences with buyers, culminating in the latest…my first three-star review, from someone who complained that it had taken me a while to deliver his order (despite the fact that I had delivered it before deadline, he hadn’t told me that he was in a rush, and he hadn’t purchased my gig extra for 24-hour delivery).

I don’t really care about the review so much, as I have more than enough five-star reviews to cover for it (and I think I responded to it in a way that actually turns the review to my advantage), but I’m wondering if the aggravation of dealing with people who see the review system as a way to go on a power trip over a $15 order is worth it,

Between Fiverr and my part-time job, I’m working 60 hours a week, and while I’ve met and worked with some great people here, I’m not sure if the occasional aggravation over ridiculous grievances from clients is worth the four dollars I earn from it.

Anyone have thoughts, pep talks, etc.? I’m a little bummed and exhausted right now.

I think your just exhausted and burned out and its a spell we all get, especially working 60 hours a week. The best remedy is to try and take a breather, because once the spell wears off, things are good again, but during the dip everything seems grainy. Find something that you do that is comforting to bring you back into a happy place, because what happens is when you already come down because of so much work and then you have just one thing that completely pushes everything over the edge.

Take a breather maybe few days off and find the happy place and everything will be better again and call me in the morning :slight_smile: hehe

You are preaching to the choir, darling! :slight_smile:

I’m like you… I’ve got more than enough work to keep me going. I’m up at 3:30 to 4 a.m. every day, working on Fiverr work until 7:45 rolls around - and, in between them times, I’m getting one kiddo out the door. I work until 1:30 or so at the local school (part-time but now contract).

If I’m lucky, I can hit the gym for an hour before coming home, and if not, I can run some of the errands I need to run before I come home, cook dinner, clean the house, help the kiddo with his homework and do whatever else I can. And, if I’m not too exhausted I can get some more Fiverr work done…

Yeah… it’s that rough! And, I felt like quitting a number of times. However, as suggested, you’re exhausted and need to force yourself to take a break… I’m planning that in the next few days myself.

Good luck!

Go on a 3-week vacation mode and come back refreshed, simple :slight_smile:

I feel like quitting anything that makes money sometimes. When money is in the equation and you need the money to live, sometimes that means you have to do hard things and deal with difficult people to get paid that day. Sometimes you even have to deal with that and end up not getting paid. That isn’t just freelancing, when I worked on salary at a regular job, sometimes a crisis happened and I worked from 7AM until midnight or later and didn’t get paid more because my pay was monthly no matter how many hours I worked.

Heck, sometimes I feel like quitting things I don’t get paid for and that I usually find fun. I’ve taken up hobby projects that were awesome but something tripped me up and I wanted to drop it after spending money on it. It’s really, really normal.

The beauty of the freelance part is that you have the power to decide when to take a break. You don’t have to quit. You can say no to a job or refund a client and put your gigs on pending for a little well. Yes, it might impact your sales when you come back and you’ll have to prepare some savings for that if you need the money.

When you have a boss, though, sometimes they won’t let you say you can’t handle any more right now. One time my normally well-mannered 15 year old daughter went missing for 2 days. I took vacation time to deal with police, staying by the phone (it was before mobile phones) and cry. Luckily we found her reasonably safe. She had skipped school on a lark, went off on a bus with a friend as a way of asserting her “adulthood.” When I returned to work, I was written up for being out 3 days without a 24 hour notice which was a job-threatening issue even though I’d worked there for 4 years. Craziness!

Don’t panic. It will be OK. Freelancing is an awesome way to earn part or all of your living but it’s as frustrating as anything else some days. Take a break if it’s time for that. If nothing else, it gives you a way to save some padding-money in case something goes wrong with the regular job. :slight_smile:

With your permission, I’m reposting this message I just wrote in “Conversations” as I think it’s appropriate for this post…“When you’re feeling down, understand this…Life is not meant to be enjoyed, life is an obstacle course that each one of us has to go through. It was never meant to be easy. Deal with it, and do whatever it is that you’re required to do…We will all meet our Maker someday, can you look Him in the eye fearlessly and say, do what you want with me, I’ve done my best and lived my life with honor and have no regrets.”

Any time you have a job dealing with people there will be times when you want to throw in the towel. Working 60 hours a week can be mentally exhausting. A de-stress period every day is needed.

I think it’s appropriate in this case. It’s important. I’ve had a tough day too and it sounds like a lot of people have had tough ones lately. I texted someone earlier that I felt like a failure today because I didn’t get enough done. What is enough, though?

In my own belief system, life is meant for all of the above. Some hours are full of joy. Some hours are not. Suffering is around through both. We learn from all of it and the painful parts make us appreciate more the pleasant parts. I am glad that I also do believe in a form of continued existence, for me personally that is in the form or some kind of rebirth/reincarnation or whatever you might want to call it. I like to think I’ll carry some of my learning on.

For some people it may be more comforting to think that it’s one go around and then a heaven-like existence and for some, it’s actually comforting just to think that it’s one life and then eternal sleep/nothingness without pain. Our work and our purposes in life keep carrying us forward regardless.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know you’ve been nervous about the escapism the forum provides too and I know why - I avoid things sometimes to escape in various ways. Helping others is one of the joys, though. Glad you felt like participating a little more! Sorry for the length of this post and others - writers write. Ah, well…

I work 7x14 hours a week :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the perspectives :slight_smile: I know I’m overworked and shortchanging myself mentally. It’s just hard to say “no” to an order, especially when my family can use the extra cash. And it’s addictive to think, “I made X amount last month…I wonder if I can make more this month!”

I do refuse jobs that I know will be a pain (in terms of the work itself, the deadline, or the client), but with this particular client, I had absolutely no indication he was dissatisfied until he posted his review (which made it all the more jarring). I pride myself on customer service, quality work, etc., so it’s disheartening to do everything right and still have a three-star review for something ridiculous. All in all, I’ve had very positive experiences on Fiverr, but I do think the site is more buyer-friendly than seller-friendly, which creates its own set of stressers.

Still, I think it’s a wake-up call for me to step back a bit and focus on things other than Fiverr. I’ve been thinking about raising my rates (because I’m way undercharging), so that might help moderate my workload while not necessarily decreasing my pay.

I just read your 3 star review and do not at all find it anything that would prevent me from buying your gig. The guy sounds like a jerk to me and your answer was perfect. It’s not bad at all and it’s obvious that you are great at what you do.

$5 to proofread 2000 words sounds like you need to charge more. I don’t know what the average is but more like 800 words for $5 still sounds like a good deal.

That 3-star review was really douchey. I would have swatted him down for being a twit! God forbid he sees you larking about here on the forums when you could have been slaving over his project! :confused:

Oh, and definitely charge more. Cheap prices can attract cheap people like Mr. 3-Star Ahole. Plus, don’t you want more ka-ka-ching?

I know! Sometimes I…gasp!..even take some time at night to sleep in between Fiverr gigs :wink:

I think many of us feel the way you do. Thanks for sharing. After the initial honeymoon as a newbie with Fiverr, it is hard to maintain constant enthusiasm. Only time works for me. My deliver dates are longer than other gigs in my category so I don’t have to pull my hair out trying to get them all done in a short amount of time.

Fiverr would make one change, you would see unfair 3 star rating like you got go away. Seller’s ratings need to show on on buyer’s profiles. If they did, buyers would not care to see a 3 star rating showing up under their name. I think it is fair and don’t know why Fiverr does not show ratings under buyer’s profiles as well.

Good luck

The struggle to stay motivated is an everyday thing for me, too. There’s the pull of the dollar, sure, but there’s also the feeling of being totally overwhelmed and burned out, especially when you have to deal with a buyer who has taken upon themselves to be unreasonable or rude about a burger’s worth of money.

That review was uncalled for. It’s ridiculous that he would be upset because you do your work in the order it comes into your queue. I mean, how horrible of you. How dare you give priority to the buyers who have been waiting the longest and not pull him straight to the head of the line (even though he gave you no indication he wanted faster service). /sarcasm He had to wait…what? Like four days? He should realize how much of a steal that is. To get quality work turned around in less than five days is unheard of outside of Fiverr and would not be expected outside of Fiverr. I think your response to his review was on point.

I know I do. I have reconsidered what I offer here more and more especially when people find out what I offer here for 5.00. It’s hard because sometimes people are hateful and 3 stars? What a ■■■■ waffle.

+1 for twatwaffle :smiley:

EXACTLY. I don’t mind accommodating someone if they have a deadline to meet (and if it doesn’t overly interfere with my other orders), but I can only accommodate a deadline if I know about it. And I suppose he did me a favor by mentioning that I have a “first come, first served” policy (even though he was complaining about it).

I merely came to applaud the proper usage of the words ■■■■ waffle.

■■■■ waffle!!!
Seriously, how do you guys come up with such…I don’t know, charming bad-@$$ words, LOL!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: